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Go Cruise™ Throttle Control

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An amazingly clever, simple solution to relieve wrist fatigue on long rides. Installs over any throttle grip in seconds, no tools required. The patented smart-clip tension design locks easily into place against the brake lever to maintain your cruising speed, without the need to hold the throttle. Disengaging is as easy as returning the throttle to a closed position or giving the break lever a squeeze. High-mile rides just got a little more comfortable. Two sizes: Small (for Street and Sport Bikes), Large (for Cruisers). Black.Made in USA


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Item that shipped was not as picturedReview by Bradley
I did not receive the item as pictured. I have the go cruise on another bike and works great. What was shipped is a different style that I have had before that failed after 2 weeks of use. (Posted on 2/1/16)
Not for custom grips (metal)Review by Matt
I have Rizoma grips on my '08 Speed Triple and the small version of this throttle control did not hold. The grips that I have only have a rubber portion in the middle with aluminum on the ends (where I put the throttle control, as in the video) and the vibration of the bike plus the diameter being too narrow, would not keep the lock in place. Seems like a simple and great idea but only if you have rubber grips all across your hand. Off to try a different product. (Posted on 6/2/15)
Great ProductReview by Jeff
This is a great product. Works well, easy to use, cheap. Probably better for experienced riders - it does take a bit of getting used to. (Posted on 8/29/13)
SimpleReview by Bullet Bob
Works well and is very simple to use. I have owned Throttlemeister also and this seems to work just as well for less money. Great for giving your wrist a rest! **** Four stars! (Posted on 8/6/13)
Wish I'd A thought Of ItReview by mark
Wow, I like this better than any others I've used, including the "factory" jobs. IF I'd thought of it, I'd be sitting in the Bahamas right now. It fits/works on a Ural and is even better than factory parts (?) (Posted on 8/1/13)
Long Ride HelpReview by Harry
Just tried out on a recent trip and found that the Go Cruise works well on my 2011 Concours, on flat land cruising.Takes a little getting use to, but once you figure out what conditions it best works in, you're set. For relief of hand strain this unit meets the bill and for 20 bucks give it a try. (Posted on 7/27/13)
Bought 3 of 'emReview by The Doctor
After reading the reviews, and looking for a good way to make the all day ride from Salt Lake City to Lake Tahoe on the lonliest highway easier, I bought one of these for myself, and two others for some friends. I ride a Versys and have used it already on the way to work and other places. Works exactly as advertised. Installation took about 3 minutes, also as advertised. My friends on their SV650's haven't tried it yet, but we're confident it will work easily also. Another friend on a 2011 Kawi Z1000 is also planning on buying one. So far I would definitely buy it again! Highly recommended. (Posted on 3/29/13)
Go Cruise Throttle ControlReview by James
The small fit my Triumph Tiger 800 perfectly. I will wait until the ice melts off of the roads before I try it out, however I think it will prove to be a pleasure while crossing long straight portions of Montana and Wyoming to get to the mountains. (Posted on 1/2/13)
Simple but effectiveReview by rich
This is very simple but effective throttle lock. IT is safer to operate than the NEP that I have been using for years, especially when I am wearing thick winter gloves. (Posted on 1/1/13)
great for warming up old bikeReview by steve
works great for warming up the bike on cold mornings, works great on the highway too! (Posted on 10/3/12)
cruise control - not so muchReview by Jeff
Bought the large size to fit my wife's 2012 HD Sportster. It slips and doesn't hold. Out $20 and her hand still gets tired. Neat design though, maybe should've gotten the small. (Posted on 9/3/12)
Not for me. Review by Paul
I bought this last year on the recommendation of Aerostich staff. While the simplicity of the device is admirable, its performance was lacking for my '08 V-Strom 1000. It barely kept the throttle open @ 65 mph, let alone 75 or 85; vibration was too much for it to handle, apparently (no pun intended). The hand guards were a major annoyance and did not allow me to use the Go Cruise as easily as was portrayed in the video. I used it anyway, operating on the assumption that something is better than nothing, but really--seriously--you can wind up a 10 in section of Romex wire into a helix and have something nearly as effective. My Go Cruise broke after a year of use, and while the Romex sub I crafted is not as attractive looking, it is $24 cheaper. Skip it. (Posted on 8/28/12)
What took so long?Review by Jody
Something that is so simple, so efficient, so natural to use should have occurred to someone decades ago, but we had to wait all this time for it. This has to be listed along with the paper clip, the button and buttonhole, and the tea bag as an example of the perfect invention. (Posted on 8/23/12)
Go Cruise ControlReview by SMOKE
It works great! I went on a 795 mile ride thru the mountains and used it often. I am currently recommending it to my friends without cruise control on their bikes. (Posted on 8/9/12)
inexpensive & effectiveReview by Ted
I have been looking at after market cruise controls for some time. They are either too expensive or complicated to install. The Go Cruise is just what the Dr. ordered if you are on long hauls and that's probably where you will only use cruise controls......all of the other times they are not needed. Go Cruise is great because you can remove it when not needed! (Posted on 8/3/12)
Poor mans cruise controlReview by Mike
Best $20 bucks you can spend to save your wrist, hands and forearms. I paid $150 for a throttlemiesters on the ZRX and RC51 and $125 for a Kaiko on the Super 10. Then I saw one of these. I'll keep my more expensive units and bought one of these as a back up when I rode to Alaska. I can throw it in the tank back and swap it from bike to bike in about 5 seconds. Great idea, great price and functional too. Thanks Aerostitch. (Posted on 7/30/12)
Great!Review by Morris
Every once in a while you need your right hand ... this thing gives it back to you in a simple, elegant and CHEAP design. Well done! (Posted on 7/24/12)
Great AssetReview by Tom
It was simple to install, easy to use, totally adjustable, and a reasonable price. Time will tell how durable it is . . . fit my 2011 Suzuki Burgman 650 first time, works like charm. It takes up about a half inch on left site of throttle so it seems to crowd the hand a little, but actually becomes an asset on long rides. I like it . . . (Posted on 7/12/12)
After buying 4 of themReview by Seigler FW
I Have been using them now for a year, and have bought 4 of them. they work pretty good not great, they break real easy. for the price, it can get costly replacing them.
They really could rethink the design, i have already modified a couple and made them work much better!!!
I do believe, i have bought my last one!
best of luck (Posted on 6/22/12)
GoCruiseReview by Heimdall
When this item arrived I thought; "$20? Looks like it 's worth $6. After using it on a 2 week tour of the southwest (including a 660 mile day across Kansas and Arkansas) I decided it was worth $50. The ability to release my grip on the throttle kept me in the saddle much longer than when I used a "cramp buster" type product. It took a few tries to perfect my technique and frequent minor adjustments had to be made but after a while it all became quite easy. One other point to be made; while shutting the throttle or squeezing the brake disengaged the unit, I used my thumb on the gap where the two "arms" of the product hold the grip to decelerate. Otherwise I would find myself coasting at a higher speed than I wanted. This also allowed me to maintain my speed without alarming those behind me. (Posted on 6/19/12)

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Go Cruise™ Throttle Control