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14 Mil Headlight Shield

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It can be unbelievably expensive to replace a cracked or rock chipped headlight lens. Some lenses are over two hundred dollars. Easy to apply, this thin 14-mil, cut-to-fit, double polished, ultra-clear, flexible film will have you ready for common detours, gravelly back roads and the big Cassier-to-Alcan-to-Anchorage (and back) ride. The headlight shield goes directly on the headlight lens so there is no place to trap moisture, dirt, and bugs. It is also UV resistant, won’t affect light pattern or output, and is all but unnoticeable. The thin protective layer also allows for better lamp cooling. Uses a unique, durable, peel and apply, later-removable, 3M adhesive. If additional protection is desired it can be double or triple layered to face oncoming traffic on gravel surfaces without fear. Also great as a custom see thru tank pad. Medium 12" x 12", Large 12" x 24".


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Customer Reviews (3)

wasted my 2 centsReview by racer 84
I had a heck of a time trying to get this on my2012 Bonneville's headlight-never did get it look right so threw it away and chock it up to a lost cause.I rode for 50 odd years without this sort of stuff so not really something I'm missing.But when I was told the price of my last 2010 Bonnys headlight was it prompted me to try. (Posted on 4/4/12)
works greatReview by hayduke
have had it on my bike for two years. better than that use it to protect any surface you need to be able to see. your watch,ipod,headlamp lens, cellphone screen. it's pretty much invisible and bulletproof. (Posted on 3/6/10)
Great StuffReview by Selden
While not offering quite as much protection as the 60 mil headlight protector, this thinner film conforms much better to complex curves, and is nearly invisible. (Posted on 11/10/09)

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