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Flashing Halogen Taillight Bulb

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Product Description


It’s a bright taillight…until you hit the brakes. Then, it flashes four times fast—pauses—three flashes a little slower—pauses—two more real slow, and it’s on full time as a stop light. The entire flash/pause sequence takes 4 seconds and repeats each time you re-apply the brakes. This complex pattern is commonly and intuitively recognized as a deceleration warning. The bulb’s reliable digital electronics are all contained inside the bulbs base. It uses a widely available, easily replaceable “G-4” halogen bulb. (An easy to carry extra is also included.) Fits standard 1157 dual filament brake/taillight bulb sockets. Legal disclaimer: May not be approved for use in all states.


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Customer Reviews (7)

Not for CAN-BUSReview by robert
Won't work for BMW CAN-BUS where it's looking for a dual filament bulb. (Posted on 11/9/14)
Good concept but...Review by Geronimo
Excellent lights, but, won´t last very long due to vibration. I´ve used two, on different bikes and worked no more than 3 or 4 months.I think leds are a better option. (Posted on 9/18/12)
It WorksReview by Chris
One of the best safety investments I have made. Motorists will notice. Bulb lasts a long time. (Posted on 10/27/11)
Good stuffReview by red ryder
The day I installed the assembly on my GS I heard from four (4) car drivers about how visible it was. All positive stuff there Maynard. (Posted on 11/28/10)
These lights are not near...Review by Rob
These lights are not nearly as bright as a standard 1157 and they are red, not white. (Posted on 12/9/08)
Got the white one... does...Review by D Wentworth
Got the white one... does not seem as bright as a 1157, more focused and not as visible from an angle. Nice idea, but poorly executed. Costs way too much for the benefit (if any.) (Posted on 8/3/08)
Just replace the bulb and...Review by Michael Zumstein
Just replace the bulb and that’s it. Very bright very noticeable with a good rate of 14 flashes prior to steady on. I've tried the type you wire in line and blew fuses after about five uses.
The bulb and socket arrangement works very well as you can replace the bulb by itself which is included, so it’s not going to be as expensive to re-bulb after burn out.
(Posted on 6/14/08)