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Mini LED Tail/Brake Lights

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Product Description


These combination tail light and stop lights feature 16 high-quality, low-draw LEDs, so they reduce both the weight on your bike’s rear fender, and the load on the electrical system. So compact they fit any rearward surface, yet large enough to provide good lighting. Each version includes plug-type terminals for installation, and features a tough, high impact, all-weather case. Flex Light (4.3"×.75"×.35") has adhesive backing and is bendable for mounting to curved surfaces like your rear fender. The Solid Bolt-On (4.3"×.75"×.75") is virtually the same light, features a thicker, solid, non-flexible backing with two fixed post bolts for mounting. Functionally, these can augment or replace your bike’s tail light. 12V.


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Customer Reviews (2)

Great light for a bike carrierReview by Bernie
I'm a long-time biker - in addition to an absolutely original Triumph Bonneville 750, I've been riding bicycles for many decades now. I just picked up a Mini LED light for my bike rack. When I travel (by car, that is) I carry my bicycle on a hitch-mounted bike rack. I've always been nervous about following drivers being able to see and recognize that my rack sticks out from the back of the car. I mounted a Mini LED tail/brake light on the rear-most bar on the rack, spliced in a trailer pigtail, and I now have a nice, bright, easily-visible tail/brake light as a reminder to drivers behind me. The installation was easy and the added peace of mind is well worth the price of the light and the pigtail. The light is easily visible day or night. Thanks, Aerostich! (Posted on 4/15/13)
LED tail light additionReview by Fuller56
A nice, simple, easily installed and wired upgrade for an old school, single bulb tail light on the 1982 Seca 650 without a big electrical drain on the barely adequate charging system. (Posted on 10/21/11)