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Benzine-Al Saalam ‘Powdered’ Gasoline


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The Original Scimitar Brand, safely dry-packed in Mylar anti-static pouches that fit a pannier well. To use, simply tear off the corner of the pouch and release a few ounces of the palladium colored powder into your bike’s tank (or any fuel-proof container). Then add a little gasoline. Expands when needed for that little extra range. Super handy to have if you run out somewhere remote during a cold rainy night. Same underlying molecular alchemic process as ‘dehydrated water’, which has long provided hikers and backpackers with lightweight hydration. Keep some handy in the garage too, for occasional internal combustion petrofuel shortages. Add a little gas to this stuff, then pour into your bike’s tank, and off you go. Six month shelf life. (You’d think the government would find a good use for this…) Surface shipping only. From Nick Miller Industries.

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Additional Information

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Customer Reviews (3)

I found I could go twice ...Review by John Beaver
I found I could go twice a far by thinning it down with an extra gallon of gas. Imagine that! (Posted on 2/14/08)
Boy, this product got me ...Review by chad baird
Boy, this product got me out of a serious jam when I got ran out of fuel back in 04 while trying to make it through Texas in one day. I just added one gallon of real fuel that I had stashed in my saddle bag and emptied that packet into my gas tank and off I went!

(Posted on 12/16/07)
I tricked my brother into...Review by Mike
I tricked my brother into snorting some and once it mixed with the mucous he was shooting gas all over the room! Took care of his sinus infection though... (Posted on 3/6/07)