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Electrical Smoke Re-concentrator

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Electrical Smoke Re-concentrator #DBAL

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Poof. Whoops. Is red positive? A well-known principle of electronic devices is the fact that they operate on a distinctive type of rather pungent smoke. As long as it’s retained within the componentry of the gadget in question, all is well. However, the slightest bungle or confusion (polarity mis-match, over voltage event) often results in it escaping. Never fear such an occurrence again with the genuine E.S.R. unit. This hand-cranked unit (no electricity!) will quickly scavenge all the odiferous matter wafting around the area and will then store and concentrate it in the quartz-lined receptacle in the middle of this flashlight-sized unit. The other end of the unit provides a titanium-tipped, multi-component compatible injection device for replacing the smoke into the semiconductor, capacitor, or inductor in question. A must-have item for any shop, especially if you’re an idiot.

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Manufacturer Walnut

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