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EMP Cell Phone Eliminator

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EMP Cell Phone Eliminator #YOU

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Military anti-missile system technology. We bought the Electro Magnetic Pulse technology and had a leading lab downsize the design so that the same technology used to bring down a missile can now be yours to ‘cook’ the circuitry in a cell phone. One touch of a button sends out a powerful elecro-magnetic pulse wave that fries the circuitry in a cell phone instantly, forcing the errant four wheeler’s occupant to concentrate on more mundane duties, like driving. Leaves them completely baffled. Utterly undetectable. Requires a flux capacitor, walnut, and alternator output of 600 watts. Special order only. Range is up to 30 feet. From Stubbco.

Note on Cell Phone Eliminator: Study by Dr Donald Redelmeyer, U of Toronto, Published in the New England Journal of Medicine. Cross matched cell phone call and car accident records. Found people using cell phones while driving were 4.3 times as likely to be involved in an accident. This is about the same as driving while drunk. (The public’s desire for telephony while driving, but also minimizing the safety risks that are inherent will, in the future, help support implementation of intelligent transportation systems.)

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Manufacturer Walnut

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