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Gas Tank Coal Grinder


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Think of a small pepper grinder's hardened cutting rings. Stack six of those, from coarse to ultra-ultra fine, all powered by a 1hp 12V electric motor contained on one side of the frame hump inside a normal 'gas' tank. On the other side is a miniature horizontal rotary auger force-feeding a hopper's worth of coal chunks right into the grinder. Ok, it's alittle noisy in operation, but ordinary charcoal briquettes (or low-sulphate western bitumen...) work just fine. What comes out the petcock end is explosive nano-sized particles of coal dust, looking much like black flour. A turbocharger sends this stuff down fuel tubes with 1.5lbs of pressure right past the nozzles of a nearly conventional fuel injector. Bang! Bang! Bang! Whooo-wooooo! Coal's a comin'! You lose about 20% in Hp, but on a cost-per-mile basis, you'll save about a third of what you currently pay at the pump. This is an expensive, well engineered conversion that includes the replacement tank, all pressure lines and modified injectors. Coal. It's America's Future. And now it's yours. For KLR, BMW GS, Enfield, MZ and some Suzuki Bandits.

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Additional Information

Manufacturer Walnut


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