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Krilion 2 Bioluminesance Impregnation


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This treatment will make your suit glow, which is perfect for situations like heavy fog. Krillion is a transitional oil incorporating a biochemical agent like the one used by the deep sea Lanternfish for bioluminesance. It is is up to 10 times brighter than a tail light. Colors are embedded in the Krilion gene code and they grow different every time, so sometimes they glow white, sometimes red, sometimes they light up like a rippling rainbow. Treated gear can not be washed, but will shed a thin layer of “skin” every 2 months, cleaning the coat and completing a cycle. The Krilion 2 treatment generally has a life span of 5 years. Tested safe for human contact. People will think you’re a ghost.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer Walnut


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Customer Reviews (5)

Awesome product. You hav...Review by David Holsted
Awesome product. You have to watch when it rains though...the glow you emit causes one heck of a rainbow and leprechauns will chase you down the road. Use caution. (Posted on 12/29/08)
THIS STUFF IS GREAT!!! If...Review by Byron Griffin
THIS STUFF IS GREAT!!! If you like the way it makes your suit look, mix a little in your next drink. (It's a little oily and bitter but if you can get through that....) Awesome for those late night parties... (Posted on 10/21/08)
This is awesome. Never a...Review by Dennis Schultz
This is awesome. Never again will motorists not see me. However, it does scare the children. And I am concerned about the nuclear waste content. (Posted on 6/13/08)
This is so cool...I thoug...Review by Tom Thompson
This is so cool...I thought it was real! (Posted on 6/13/08)
Geeeez. . . Louise!!! I ...Review by Joseph Bark
Geeeez. . . Louise!!! I glowed so loudly that my earplugs melted and my teeth began to itch. Now my urine glows in the dark. Is there anything I can do? Joe Bark, lighting up the Kentucky Sky!! (Posted on 6/13/08)