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Polycyclic Aromatic Synthesizer (PAS)

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Polycyclic Aromatic Synthesizer (PAS) #ORAR

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Electric video game computer simulacrum motorcycles and roads are neat, literally eliminating the big environmental “footprint” of the real thing: The spew of nasty compounds produced by the burning fossil fuels, to say nothing of the absence of smells from the surrounding natural world—leaving many nostalgic for the sweet smell of burning hydrocarbons. Well eco-riders, the PAS gives electro-motorcyclists the best of both worlds by using sophisticated neo-aromatic transducers to convert voltage into synthetically produced exhaust, while an internal surrounding sensor emulates the odors of the roadside. Ride the virtual PCH and smell the sunshine, rocks, motorhomes and ocean. Specify four-stroke or two-stroke aromatic cartridge. Includes mounting hardware, bobulator and walnut. 5"x6"x3".

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Manufacturer Walnut

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