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Remote Control Zipper Sliders


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An upgrade (or retrofit…) for the underarm and back vent zippers on all Aerostich Roadcrafter and Darien rider’s suits. The battery powered Remote Control sliders are the result of micro-miniaturization breakthroughs by the YKK zipper company and Mabuchi-Nanetronik Ltd., a private German-Japanese nanotechnology research effort. Aerostich is the first clothing company to offer them. They are perfect for these vents, because they make adjustments safe and easy. Remote Control Sliders eliminate the need to pull over to safely adjust the vents…and don’t require a helpful friend or removing one’s suit for the back vent adjustments. Now it’s simple as pressing a button! Each slider is about 10% larger than the equivalent manual type. Inside is a remote receiver, Mabuchi ‘pancake’ type 330541 stepper-motor, a tiny titanium planetary gear set and toothed cog -- which engages the zipper’s teeth to pull the slider rapidly in either direction. The sliders are controlled by a three button remote. Each powered slider uses a common (and included) replaceable Zink hearing aid battery good for about two hundred 12” zips. The remote includes both wrist and handlebar mounts. The price per slider, installed, is $177 (#RIDI). The remote -- which will control up to four sliders independently -- is $47 (#PARC). Specify Roadcrafter/Darien or Transit style.

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Additional Information

Manufacturer Walnut


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