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Rolling Code Universal Auto Door Lock/Truck Opener

Rolling Code Universal Auto Door Lock/Truck Opener #RID

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Press the red button and secretly pop up all the door locks on any car that's weaving into traffic lanes ahead of you. Malicious mayhem (?) ...or pro-active SUV defense system? Hit it again and the trunk release goes 'ka-lunk' on a nearby Ford Crown Vic law enforement vehicle. (Very amusing while sitting on your bike, on the side of the road, immediately after being pulled over. Press repeatedly for a perfect three stooges comedy impression by the trooper.) Works like a scanner in reverse, transmitting over 100 remote unlock code frequencies a second. In dense traffic it will pop the locks on all the nearby vehicles at the same time...producing a UFO Close Encounters effect. Just the thing for sleepy car drivers and lane crowders. Maximum range is about 75 feet. Case is 3.5"x2"x1.75". Two AA batteries and walnut included. Stubbco industries.

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Manufacturer Walnut

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