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Sphere of Paradoxness

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Sphere of Paradoxness #NGFI

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benefit and danger of riding a motorcycle is the omnipresent feeling of vulnerability. Embracing that feeling is part of what humanizes us, allowing us to share, sacrifice, co-operate and live in a civilized society. Take away our experiences of vulnerability and we lose some of what it is to be human. Unlike a car (an engineered, climate-controlled capsule), which cocoons in a way that negates the feeling of vulnerability, the Sphere of Paradoxness gives is access to that feeling, in a safe way. High tech electro-plasma induced force field creates protective riding sphere around rider and bike. The EHD plasma actuator device optimizes protective field strength through electrode manipulation and on-board computer monitored flow control. While no objects can enter the sphere, the rider is still subject to Newton’s Laws inside the sphere. There-in lies the paradox. Protected from outside dangers, vulnerable to problems within. 12V.

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Manufacturer Walnut

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