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Undo Workshop Switch


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You’re reefing on an engine case bolt when suddenly ‘Snap’… the wrench lets go and the f’n (Allen/bolt/torx/whatever) head shears clean off. Lucky you weren’t killed. Or the screwdriver you are forcing unexpectedly skates across that freshly painted frame leaving a deep and ugly gouge. Do you throw that bad tool across the garage while screaming in frustration? Not anymore with an Undo Workshop Switch. Reach for the Undo lying in your toolbox. It looks just like a TV remote but works like the undo key on a PC. Fits in any size toolbox. Just press the button and there is an intense flash of light… Open your eyes and everything’s back to the way it was just moments before. How does it work? Psion emitters. At least thats what the label on the bottom says: “Keep fingers clear of Psion emitters”. Beyond that, we haven’t any idea. Requires 4AA batteries (not included). From Tezla Industries. Includes walnut.

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Additional Information

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Customer Reviews (2)

It didn't work for me in ...Review by Mike Knight
It didn't work for me in the shop. As a test I drove a nail into my motorcycle tire and pushed the button. The light flashed and the nail was still there. However, my wife now says she is no longer pregnant! A miracle device. (Posted on 12/23/08)
Bogus! I bought two for ...Review by James Thomas
Bogus! I bought two for my nephew... he's still doin dumbass stuff. But, maybe it's just him.... (Posted on 2/27/07)