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Wireless Banality Blocker


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Oh sure. Spend the bucks for a CB or FRS communications system and what do you get? Your riding buddy talking over the air about his butt rash or how that cloud looks like the outboard motor he got from his uncle but never got running, or pointless observations about how cold or hot it is. Makes you want to scream, don’t it? Before you tune everything out or tear it all off in frustration, try the Wireless Banality Blocker. Speech-recognition technology invented for the disabled now makes putting the kibosh on stupid-ass conversations a snap. It’s pre-programmed to screen out all lame comments and banalities, allowing important phrases like ‘There’s a cop’ and ‘I just hit reserve’ to come through fine. The ‘blocker’ module installs between any transceiver and antenna, and the control uniconveniently mounts anywhere on your bike. Works like call-blocking and call-waiting, only better. Expect a slight learning curve as the word-recognition system builds its initial vocabulary. Specify English or Spanish.

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Additional Information

Manufacturer Walnut


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Customer Reviews (4)

i'm going to purchase thi...Review by chad tice
i'm going to purchase this also if i'm going to take a hit like this, so is the guy that pisses me off while riding. if i'm going to throw 4grand at this i'm sure as hell going to throw at someone! (Posted on 5/29/09)
Completely awesome. I wis...Review by Richard Limpus
Completely awesome. I wish that I had thought of this clever, little invention. Sadly, I bought it before the discount. However, it does work. I leave it on whenever I am around my wife and it is like she is not even talking. Can't hear a thing. By her body language, it looks as if she is angry about some of my money handling habits....whatever. (Posted on 5/23/09)
That' funny...I use mine ...Review by Margaret Thorburn
That' funny...I use mine in front of my husband and it hasn't changed a thing! The same old grunts and groans make their way through the device as if I were talking to a primate. I guess it is only a high-pass filter, if there were a low-pass filter I could add then I'm sure nothing would get through. I can't say I've seen many women riding with ape hangers. His knuckles do drag a little. (Posted on 3/3/09)
What? Good discount. Is t...Review by Kenneth Wagner
What? Good discount. Is this for real??? (Posted on 10/27/08)

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