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AD1 Motorcycle Pants

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The AD-1 is a fully seam taped, unlined, HT600 Denier Nylon three layer GORE-TEX® jeans-cut pant, with full length separating side zips. The outside zippers have full length inner and outer weather flaps to help the pants go on and off fast and keep rain and wind out.

Other details include: A diamond gusset in the crotch for greater sitting comfort; An inner gusset behind the front fly which improves water resistance; The knees have a greater bend around a larger radius (than the Darien pant knees), allowing more freedom of movement. The Scotchlight® reflective ankle tab loop strips are radial, for a natural and secure adjustment around the calf and lower leg. The front pockets have hook and loop secured cover flaps so items inside are secure. (And you won't lose your change or bike keys when the pants are laid over the back of a chair…). A vertical zippered cargo pocket is on top of the right thigh and a horizontal opening pocket to the top of the left thigh. Available in even waist sizes, 30–46 regular and long. An Aerostich Money Belt (#1854) is included with these pants. Black, Grey or Tan. Imported and Made in USA

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Additional Information

Additional Information

More Info
  • TOUGH: HT600 Denier Nylon GORE-TEX® fabric
  • COMFORTABLE: Diamond gusset crotch panel
  • IMPROVED WATER RESISTANCE: Front fly inner gusset
  • FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT: Knees bend around a larger radius
  • IMPROVED REFLECTIVE ANKLE TABS: New radial loop strips
  • COVERED FRONT POCKETS: Hook & loop flap
  • ADDITIONAL STORAGE: Vertical zippered cargo pocket
  • OPTIONAL PROTECTION: Integrated Hook & Loop for Hip Pad attachment


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First ImpressionsReview by Mitch
Ordered both the Darien and the AD1. The Darien fit wasn't for me. I agree, the AD1 fit is more like jeans. My normal jean size fit just about right. If I could change one thing I'd want just a tad more room in the thighs to make them roomier when seated. But they do fit well and will work fine. Both the Darien and the AD1 are built like tanks, and almost as heavy. Seriously, they are really heavy duty. But in a hard get-off it gives me the confidence that these pants will provide good protection. Overall, I am pleased. In a couple weeks I'll test them on an adventure ride and update the review. (Posted on 9/5/16)
Darian AD1 PantsReview by Rick
A lot of customers get requests for reviews right after purchase. Right, just removed them from the box and you want a review. Well now, it's been two years since I have had my Darian AD1 pants, so time for a review.

The good - Yes, I'd buy these again. Quality is top notch. There are waterproof, mostly, see "the bad". Had one oops at about 15 mph and not even a scratch, so protection seems excellent. Fit for me was spot on. The gortex liner is slippery, which I like, makes it easy to get the pants on and off, and they move around over mid layer pants and don't bind. I really like the two thigh pockets, they work very well for me.

The bad - None of these are deal breakers, but, if you are listening Aerostick, here are some improvements I'd like to see:

Ingress - Aerostich's idea is a full length zipper up the side. A holdover from one piece suits I guess. That however is not how I wear ridding pants. I simply slip them on over mid-layer pants, and sometimes boots. A zipper to upper thigh works fine. Your solution sucks. The snaps that you put on the waist simply won't stay closed. Before I taped together the waist using duck tape the side snaps would come undone about every half hour or so.

Waist height - OK, but I think an inch to inch and a half higher in the waist would be a better fit.

Lose the silly Velcro for the map pocket. It only collects lint and things. The map pocket would be too small to get a good view of your map, and I can't see trying to look down at a tiny section of may while I'm moving. If I need a map displayed that is what my tank bag is for.

Leakage areas - First of all, I've seen this complaint before, I have a pair or waterproof riding pants that cost half as much as these that have a full length barrier behind the zipper. The Darian barrier only goes about a third of the way. I've read other reviews saying the same thing, is not Aerostich listening? My solution is another waterproof layer I tuck like a bib in front of my pants when I know there is going to be a lot or rain since I don't particularly like sitting in a pool of wet. Don't think I should need to do that. Similar, but hasn't been as big of a problem I'd like a better waterproof closure to the regular upper pockets, maybe a zipper. Your waterproof cover with a small patch of Velcro allows for water to seep in to whatever is in my front pockets.

When these wear out I'll probably buy another pair ... but, while none of my complaints is a deal breaker, combined they would be enough to make me research some other options in the hope of finding something without these issues. (Posted on 1/5/16)
Great protectionReview by Cohye
First let me say that I purchased these pants with dual purpose in mind: 1) to wear over dress slacks (thin material) when commuting 2) as an alternative to wearing jeans. I understand they recommend wearing jeans underneath but I don't. I didn't get the hip pads either because I want a snug fit. I'm 5'10" 200 lbs. I normally wear 34 or 35 Levi's with 30" inseam. I went with the AD1 in 34 long which is absolutely perfect. I like the extra length since all pants hike up. When I'm walking around the length is not too long either.
If you are looking for versatility these are the pants to wear. Going camping with these pants are also perfect.
Hope this review helps (Posted on 11/21/15)
The Best By FarReview by Daniel
I have had two Roadcrafter suits(the first one in which I crashed in, saved my leg)This is my second pair of AD1 pants, I wore the first pair out. I ordered another brand after I wore the first pair out, trying to save money. After wearing the other brand for a very short time, I could plainly see that there is no comparison to Aerostich quality and function. I knew I would never be satified with any substitute.
So buy Aerostich knowing that nothing else will ever be the same, quality, workmanship, and the well thought out and time tested function can't be matched!
I wear 34x 30 jeans so I ordered 34R, these fit just perfect over my street clothes.
I can't wait until I am able(financially) to replace my 10 year old well worn Darien Jacket! (Posted on 11/16/15)
Great pants.Review by Darrell
The quality is just excellent, the fit is great. I would suggest getting one size larger than you wear in pants just to have some room for jeans under the pants. I did this and am very pleased. You can tell these were designed by riders not fashion designers. Not saying they don't look good they do. Thanks. (Posted on 11/2/15)
Great Pants, comment about fitReview by Bradford
I first purchased Darien jacket and pants about 15 years ago. Finally they were due for replacement. (the fabric and stitching still is fine but zippers, velcro and Gore-Tex gave up). Decided to try the AD1 pants this time. They are great pants and an improvement over the Darien pants in my opinion because of the greater angle at knees and the pockets. I am 6 ft 200 lb.35 - 36 inch street pant waist and 31 inch inseam. The sizing guidance put me at 36 inch for the AD1 waist. My Dariens were 38 and since I ride in winter when clear (Buffalo, NY) i need to have thick pile pants underneath some times. The 38's are great at the waist. I can take in the sides by one or two steps using snaps at the top of the side zipper when wearing thin street clothes. I ride with Combat Touring boots and find that the fit of the pants through the knee and down to the mid calf is just a bit snug but not a problem. (legs are fairly muscular) I believe I got then right size. They are wind and rain PROOF. Great Pant! (Posted on 11/1/15)
good but could be betterReview by willliam
I've had a pair for about a week. The material is stiff, but I expect it to soften up in time. Nice pockets. I like the money belt, but the buckle on the Darien is much more useful. That one you just need to buckle together, This one you have to cinch up each time. The lower legs seems a little too form-fitting and I don't see any way to let them out a bit, to allow more air circulation. Not sure what the velcro strips on the inside lower legs is for. (Posted on 9/24/15)
AD1 pants crash reviewReview by Mike
Very waterproof pants. Easy in and out. Good padding, thankfully. I crashed at about 55mph, loosing front wheel traction on a road hazard and low siding with the bike. I hit hard on my RH hip pad preventing a fractured hip, although I had soreness from the impact on my upper leg muscles which are unprotected. Good results. I was on the RH side of the moto, and slowly spun around 180 degrees with the moto. I was sliding on my side, at first sliding in a forward direction. As the moto spun around I was sliding backward. Coming to a stop, both knees had been dragging on the pavement, and the padding saved my knees. The frightening part is that the leg side leg zipper ripped open as I eventually slid backwards The split zipper exposed my one leg and knee from about mid thigh down to my boots. Fortunately, my knee pad stayed over my knee and no damage to my knee or leg resulted. It was only luck, because if the failed zipper and fully open pant size had slid off my leg or knee, I would have had very severe sliding damage and life changing damage to my knee. I repaired and am using the pants now, but I'm looking for replacement pants with either no leg zipper or else an inside leg zipper similar to the Roadcrafter. From my crash experience, the side leg zipper design is vulnerable to failure during a slide that puts pressure on the zipper. Except for the vulnerability of the leg zipper in a sliding crash, these are excellent pants. (Posted on 9/17/15)
Aerostich Customer ServiceReview by customerservice
The AD1, AD1 light, Darien, Darien light and Utility pants fit some women better with a 'Hip-Seat Ease Alteration' (#263), which adds more curve and room. Also named 'Gail's Gusset' this $75 alteration (new construction price) helps all of these pants fit better, feel better, look better and wear more comfortably on bodies with more shaped hips. See for more info and a diagram (scroll down, it's on the right side of the page near the bottom). Please contact us if you have questions about any product or available custom alteration. (Posted on 6/19/15)
women: size up if using hip padsReview by scootergirl
I ordered the regular 30 black. I'm 5'7" w/ inseam 30.5", waist 29, hip 36, a typical women's 8. The function is really great, as all the other reviews state (weatherproof, knee bend comfort, POCKETS!). This review is about fit.

I used with TF5 (thin) hip pads, and it's pretty snug to sit with jeans- sometimes the AD1 snap button pops open, even w/ the belt cinched. Without the TF5 hip pads, they fit perfect. The length is perfect for me.

My next order will be one size up for use w/ hip pads. (Posted on 6/18/15)
Excellent riding pants.Review by Shane
I'm just home from a 200 mile christening ride with my new AD1's and I wanted to take a second to fan the flames of the Aerostich fanfare bonfire. These are great pants! The quality of the craftsmanship is apparent with the first glance. I've paired these pants with a Transit jacket and I have to say that barring any unfortunate mishaps, I likely won't be replacing either jacket nor pants for a very long time.
The pants slid on over a pair of light pants with ease. The armor in a bag, velcro'd inside the knee, leaves one feeling like there must be a better design, but once you're out and on the road they simply vanish. I ordered mine without the left thigh map pocket velcro and think they look much sharper without those fuzzy stripes.
I'm 6' tall barefoot, 165 lbs., and ideally wear a 33x33 when I can find it. I ordered a 34 long. The AD1's are form-fitting around the legs, without being too tight for street clothes, and the waist is only slightly bunched with the snaps in the slimmer position. Again, out on the road these pants fall right into place. It's obvious that these were designed by motorcyclists for motorcyclists.
I have no doubt that the AD1's will prove fully waterproof as is evident by the meticulous and generous use of seam tape.
I'm looking forward to logging many miles in this fine gear. (Posted on 8/29/14)
AD1 pants highly recommended (and size info)Review by Olaf
I've had my new AD1 pants for a few weeks now. The second day out I got caught in the rain riding my new Triumph Bonneville. The AD1's kept me perfectly dry as advertized. The AD1's are comfortable, stylish (for a motorbike pant) and fit very well.

I spent alot of time doing size research online and found less info than I would have liked. Hopefully this little report will help others. Aerostich's generous return policy doesn't refund the high cost of cross border shipping (I live in Canada) and doesn't refund those pesky sales taxes that the Canadian Federal and Provincial govenments charge.

I stand 5'-10-1/2" tall, 180 lbs. 52 years old. So far I don't have a beer belly. I buy my Costco jeans in size 34 waist /32 inseam. With Lee's, Levis, etc I buy the same size. But a tape measure around my waste shows 36". (maybe jeans sizes are optimistic?)

After reading and re-reading the online comments I decided to order my AD1's in size 36-regular with TF5 Transit Impact Hip Pads.

They AD1's waist fits a little bit loose if I wear just my boxers and a pair of merino wool long johns underneath. That's with both side snap buttons done up to take in the waist. The AD1's belt does the rest with one or two minor extra folds forming at the front. The extra room allows for the TF5 hip pads which sit below the waste.

Over top of my street jeans, the 36" AD1's waist fits about right with one of the side snaps let out. But I find the jeans waist band underneath uncomfortable and it's definitely uncomfortable to wear a belt with the jeans. Maybe that will improve as the pants break in. But for now, the merino wood longjohns are the ticket.

The pant length is perfect. Standing up the bottom of the leg just breaks over my riding boots and the knee pads are exactly were they should be. Sitting down on my Bonneville, the pant leg doesn't ride up.

The pants are totally windproof, water proof and are very well made. Highly recommended. (Posted on 5/20/14)
Best Ive usedReview by stephen
I bought these pants 3 years ago to wear on my 40 mile work commute as it was a right pain to get in and out of my riding gear, so I thought these were the solution!

I did a bit of research reading into the sizing, and bought them a size too big, as I was going to wear them over my work uniform. This turned out to be spot on for my needs when the pants arrived.
They were a little stiff to start off with, but after riding In all the British weathers, and through the last 3 winters, they have eased up, and have never leaked!!! (got a wet ankle once from not adjusting the leg properly!)

I can now get into work, and changed into full uniform in a matter of 20 seconds! Perfect for what I wanted. I can wear them all year round comfortably, summer and winter. -5 to +25 they have served me well and by the sounds of it will continue to do so for many more years to come.

Very pleased with a well thought out product. (Posted on 3/16/14)
AD1 Motorcycle PantsReview by Chris
First, the folks at Aerostich are very professional and go above and beyond to assist you. Not really sure of which size I should go with, I went with a 38 Regular. I received the pants and I love them, but I realized I should have gotten a 36 Regular. I had to remove the knee pads as when I stand they were on my shin, not my knees. The pants are awesome and I can't see purchasing anything other than Aerostich in the future. (Posted on 3/4/14)
AD1 are #1Review by Jeff
These pants perform as promised. Took a 5500km round trip across the Trans-Labrador HWY and Newfoundland in September (not recommended). 8 of the 10 days were wet. Most just a constant light rain. But 3 of those days saw long heavy downpours. I was the only one in the group to stay dry (had the Darien jacket on top).
Fit and length are great. Seem a little long at first but once they are snugly fit around my boots, don't even notice.

Customer service is also top notch. First pair I purchased were too snug on the legs. Sent them back asking for the next size up. The new pants were couriered to my house in no time. (Posted on 12/17/13)
Ad1 pantsReview by Russ
These are my first over pants purchased. A bit stiff when new as expected, but after one wash and several rides, they loosened up. The knee pads fit well and the pants are quite comfortable. Already rode in comfort in mid-40s and look forward to this winters riding. (Posted on 11/15/13)
Great commuters!Review by Ryan
I ordered these pants as overpants for commuting over the Bay Bridge everyday as well as for weekend riding. I chose them over the Dariens as I really wanted a jean style pant that didn't make me feel like I was wearing a corset. I have to say I love these pants! They couldn't be easier to get in or out of and it seems like they provide plenty of protection. I wear a Levi's 33/30 and ordered size 32 which was a bit snug for the first few rides but fits great now. Be sure to play around with the knee pads until you get the placement just right - it's tricky when the pants are new and stiffer. Great pants... (Posted on 9/18/13)
Great Do-It-All Pants!Review by red
Full review:

The AD1 Pants are worth every penny. The fit is amazing, the construction is damn near bulletproof and the included features are great. They perform great in cold, cool and warm weather. However, once the temps hit the mid 80's, they're a bit toasty. However, with the leg cuffs left open, you do get some airflow up the legs. I plan to take the pants to a seamstress/tailor to have a second zipper head to the top of the zipper. That way, I can zip them down with the top and middle heads, then zip up the top head to create a vent. (Posted on 6/11/13)
I wish they came in my sizeReview by Uncle Dave
They look like great pants and i know Areostich makes great stuff. I'm a "big boy". I wish they came in my size: 50 or 52 ... (Posted on 4/25/13)
AD1 PantsReview by Wes
Well I just recieved the AD1's about two weeks ago and rode with them three times so far. Great construction. I bought one size up from my normal jean size so that I could fit the hip protectors. If your not planning on adding any extra protection, then order them in your normal size.
I like them so much that I have ordered the AD1 Lights. (Posted on 4/24/13)

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"The Darien and AD1 pants fit a little different…The Darien's fit like khaki 'Docker'-type chinos and dress pants. They have a straight waistband and a higher rise than jeans. The AD1's have a lower rise and a slightly conical waistband that is angled a bit lower in front. So these fit more like old-school denim jeans. I slightly prefer the AD1's fit."

- Mr. Subjective.

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