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Adhesive 3M Solas Grade Reflective

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Look closely at the surface of highway or industrial warning signs and you will find the unique, hexagonal pattern that identifies 3M SOLAS (Safety Of Life At Sea) Grade Reflective. A clear protective layer bonded over reflective glass microbeads ensures strong reflective power—even in wet conditions. Slightly stretchy and trims easily to any shape. Ideal for curved surfaces like helmets. One of the most intense retro-reflectives in the world. Silver color. 2' long by 2" wide.


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Spousal ApprovalReview by Dufus
I used a strip above the license plate and a square on each of the side reflector panels. The wife says it lights up my bike. Thumbs up. (Posted on 10/8/16)
a good productReview by mike
Bought this tape to put on back of utility trailer. Friend who was following me at night said it was easily visible. Also on back of helmet and on back of bike in case lights fail again. (Posted on 4/9/16)
3M Solas Grade Reflective TapeReview by Philip
I have used this tape for several years now. It has been on all my helmets but have also used it on rain suits, luggage, sissy bars, etc. It not only goes on easily but sticks very well. It's visibility is unsurpassed by any reflective material I have used before it. (Posted on 9/13/15)
Solas PremiumReview by Viking Olly
This is a premium product that I have on two bikes, and has probably saved my life. Don't leave home without it. (Posted on 7/20/14)
3M Solas TapeReview by Joel
The good: a very high visibility reflective tape that can be cut shaped to fit most anywhere. My friends that have ridden behind me at night have all purchased this to add to their bikes. Lights up the night when hit by a light source. The not so good: If it delaminates and you have to replace it the stuff is next to impossible to remove it's so sticky. (Posted on 5/11/14)
Would recommend.Review by Jaysun
I picked this up with the intent to cut it to different lengths and sizes on different EDC type items that I use as well as on kit type items that I use while use while hiking/traveling. After a few trial runs, I was able to get very satisfying results from this tape. It has a bit of give in it, so when used over round or curved items it adheres well. Just as an experiment I put a few ascent strips cut to anywhere from 3-7mm across on the open areas of my iTP A3 EOS light. After about a month of being bumped around in my pocket that I always have the light in, this tape has shown no signs of wear or pealing while maintaining it's luster and reflective qualities. (Posted on 2/21/14)
helloReview by Sertaç
a reflector that can be seen from far away, great. (Posted on 5/3/13)
They said itReview by Shaggy
Like they said. Flexible, reflective. It's thicker than some other reflecty stuff, but it's better too. I added it my frame sliders which stick out a bit for added visibility. As always - clean the mounting surface before you apply. Up next is putting it on my new top case and mirrors. (Posted on 11/16/12)
Solas tapeReview by Joe
Great stuff, very reflective. I used it on my Shad top box. (Posted on 11/9/12)
Solas 3M Reflective TapeReview by Hal
This stuff performs as advertised. However, 3M does make it in both YELLOW and RED colors as well. Yellow seems to do a better job at night. My riding buddies have followed me and another of us who used Red and they comment that Yellow is brighter.
Aerostich: Get some Yellow and Red! (Posted on 10/18/12)
SolasReview by Heimdall
I bought this in order to cover up the "Bone Collector" branding on my home made field box saddle bags. Quicker, easier, and less messy than painting and provides added safety as well. (Posted on 6/19/12)
Seen the lightReview by PhilOH
Since this is my third order of this tape, you could say I like stuff. Goes on easily, bends in whatever direction I want And it reflects like mad. (Posted on 1/18/12)
Dim reflection at 45 degree angleReview by tpaparsons
I put a strip on the middle of the back of my helmet, starting halfway up and continuing to the top. My wife, in a car following me at night, reported that there was only a dim reflection from this tape. (Posted on 1/17/12)
great reflective tapeReview by TR
Increases my visibility. Placed on my bike and my helmet. Even put some on my running shoes.
(Posted on 12/15/11)
Be SeenReview by GUY
Very bright from multiple angles. Excellent adhesion to non-flat surfaces. This stuff is the best I've used, short of something electrical. Highly recommend. (Posted on 11/7/11)
May be OffensiveReview by Lee
Cut and adhered different shaped pieces to the back of my hardcases. No batteries required - and still gives more than ample warning that - something bright - is ahead of drivers coming up behind me. May be too bright - it that is possible. Damaged my original pieces from squeezing in too many bikes in one garage so ordered more. (Posted on 7/23/11)
Bought some of this at my...Review by Kyle
Bought some of this at my local marine sales store and it works great. It is in fact slightly stretchy to the point that you can follow the contours of your helmet without any air bubbles. Buy some extra just in case you want to put it on the inside of your car door for extra visibility. (Posted on 5/11/09)
Really reflective. Works ...Review by Camilo Santana
Really reflective. Works awesome.

The scrap materials can be used to stick on to anything that flaps about (backback straps) for added visibility.

... even works great to remove unwanted hairs - ouch! (Posted on 3/11/09)
Yep, wonderful stuff! Ju...Review by Dimitri Rotow
Yep, wonderful stuff! Just got a new helmet and bought some more to stick all over it. Works great on the curved surface, just like advertised. Easy to cut and apply. (Posted on 7/29/08)
The production descriptio...Review by Patrick
The production description above states "SOLAS Grade reflective is slightly stretchy" - however, according to 3M (as of September 2007): "NOTE: Because Scotchlite reflective material – SOLAS grade products do not readily stretch, attaching them to highly elastic materials could adversely affect performance and result in rips or tears. Therefore, 3M recommends not attaching these products to highly elastic materials."

Food for thought. (Posted on 6/26/08)

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Riding In Low Light Conditions

Being anywhere on the road in low light conditions is more difficult and dangerous. Many drivers become even more awful when twilight falls. These products should help myopic drivers see you a little earlier. Hopefully they will pick out your glowing, irregular, reflective shape well before you are bang- ing your fists and helmet across the hood of their thirsty horseless carriage. Riding more is better. It makes you happier especially when it is dark and the weather is just atrocious. - Mr. Subjective (January 2007)