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#3305 Aerostich Lane Share Tool

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  • #3305 Aerostich Lane Share Tool
  • #3305 Aerostich Lane Share Tool
  • #3305 Aerostich Lane Share Tool
  • #3305 Aerostich Lane Share Tool
  • On/Off button mounted to handlebar
  • Customize with your own message
  • Installation Kit
  • Five Original message panels
  • Five New message panels


Aerostich Lane Share Tool #3305

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The deal is this: Throughout most of the USA, lane-sharing (aka “filtering”) is illegal, but that’s not so in the rest of the world. This is for civilly-disobedient riders who may occasionally want to show those stuck in backed-up traffic there is a better way.

Installation involves routing the wire between the plate rotation motor and the handlebar mounted control button. Then connecting the fused battery leads midway. Touch the button and the alternate message displays for ten seconds—then the tool automatically folds back to show your plate normally. Or, holding the button down for five seconds displays the alternate message continuously until the button is touched again. An LED next to the button indicates the alternate message is being shown..

A total of ten available message panels, including: “Lane Share Test,” “One Less Car,” “Share The Road,” “Thank You,” a Mr. Happy Puppet “happy face,” (We recommend Mr. Happy…or the Jolly Roger.) Includes a CD with about fifty additional formatted messages ready to print and use and a video installation guide. 12V. Anodized aluminum. Mounting hardware included. But deploy at your own risk. More info online at 10.75"×4.5" (9" open).Made in USA

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Be the Marble: “Fill a bucket with baseballs, and there remains room for a lot of marbles in the interstices. When the baseballs see a marble rolling past and get irate they have two options: Accept the marbles, or demand action from the authorities. Both favor us marbles. If they accept us, fine. If they call their legislators and city council persons complaining, a public debate ensues. When that happens, the marbles have a chance for justice. If enough marbles are civilly disobedient, eventually things change in the marbles favor.” -Mr. Subjective
2011 LST Use Update - I use the LST only occasionally. "But when I do..." (channeling both the famous Dos Equis beer and MasterCard ads), it's "priceless". For example, last week I was riding back to Duluth from Chicago, which is an eight hour trip. All on interstates. About half-way I slowly came up on a full size older van with a motorcycle on a carrier across the back bumper (like a bicycle, but resting on it's wheels). There were a dozen small stickers on the back windows of this van, and the bike was an old 1970's Moto Morini 3 1/2 (three and a half). As I rolled by alongside, without slowing...our speed differential was probably five mph...the driver gave me a 'thumbs up' sign in his window. Hard-core ol' motorcycle bum. Inside my helmet I smiled and thumbed the Lane Share Tool button -- and presumably he watched the license plate flipped slowly (about 4 seconds) open and a 'mr happy' smiling face was displayed in acknowledgement. The distance between us increased and I continued moving away. A few seconds later the plate moved back into the regular position and I was 'gone'. Big fun. -Mr. Subjective

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