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Aerostich Lightweight Touring Book

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Aerostich Lightweight Touring Book #5800

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Why all this shopping now? And the holidays? Because. It's darkness outside, all the time. The people we love are what makes lives worth living. Because we can. Because we care. Because we love. Because we are Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Atheists, whatever. Because we all believe. We all love. Exchanging gifts about love.
And, if you happen to love riding you've come to the right place. We love riding, too. The stuff we make and some stuff we sell makes riding better. Safer, easier, and more comfortable.

How about riding out your own back door for high adventure and long distances with just an average smallish bike and some simple luggage and gear? Is it possible to travel unsupported and independently in such a manner? Here’s an approach to motorcycle touring that has its roots in the earliest traditions of our sport. The experience of traveling in this manner captures the time-honored essence of motorcycling. Content of this 71 page 4"×6" softcover book consists of 14 pages of summary text, with the balance arranged into appendices that cover such topics as food, improvised repairs, helpful texts for further information, useful websites, state-by-state listings of good roads, and bike-friendly hangouts. There are detailed examples of typical gear and its organization, based on real-life experience and offered here as a starting point for your own lightweight touring adventures. It’s all about getting out and ‘doing it’ with what you have available, which beats waiting until you can ‘do it right’ (whatever that is...). It fits readily in a pocket or tank bag and contains a distillation of experience, and information that will be a useful starting point for the beginning lightweight motorcycle tourist as well as a handy reference for the more experienced rider.

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