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#4696 Moto Surface Degreaser, .8 L

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  • #4696 Moto Surface Degreaser, .8 L

Aerostich Moto Surface Degreaser, .8L #4696

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A stronger motorcycle cleaner that works better on oil, dead bugs, and packed dirt than the all-purpose spray cleaners found in grocery stores (Simple Green, etc…) It doesn’t attack aluminum and painted surfaces or leave residue stains like some motorcycle cleaners. The Moto-surface cleaner is strong enough to be truly effective, but mild and safe on your bike’s finish. It’s also more cost-effective…about a third less than imported cleaners.

The industrial strength pre-wash detergent formula is specifically made for cleaning and/or degreasing. This stuff can safely be used on plastic, paint, aluminum, vinyl, rubber, fiberglass, battery terminals, and surfaces of all types. The expected spray head is an Owens Brockway Trigger Sprayer, the best adjustable squirter available. Contains an earth friendly blend of water soluble surfactants and no alcohol, oils, ammonia, or phosphates. It is both non-abrasive and biodegradable. Less harmful than a pressure washer. Less work than a soapy bucket. Faster too.Made in USA

How did Aerostich end up making motorcycle cleaning products?

Almost by accident. A successful cleaning products manufacturing business located just down the road from our world headquarters (Duluth MN) made, distributed and sold various blends of cleaners with surfactants and detergents that worked and sold well. Popular in hundreds of stores across the upper midwest. They have a lot of chemistry ability, and a nice modern bottling plant. So we got together in the mid-1990's and developed something as good or better than the famously expensive (imported-from-Germany) motorcycle spray-on/hose-off cleaner, without that imported cleaner's harshness on plastics...yet a lot stronger than the home-cleaning stuff made for the grocery store. Aerostich Moto-Surface Cleaner and Moto-Surface Degreaser. Powerful-safe-great cleaner and degreaser, at a fair price. We have sold these two products for over twenty years. Try some. You won't be disappointed

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