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Aerostich Protekt Khakis

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Designed for the commuter, these highly constructed, American made, 100% cotton twill khaki pants are equally at home in the office, out on the town or riding down the road, thanks to the hidden knee armor and durable, triple layer construction.

Nearly invisible outseam zippers open to reveal knee armor pockets, allowing quick fitting or removal of optional TF3 impact armor, while wearing the pants. Remove the armor in seconds once you arrive at work and these khakis look, feel and function like standard-issue office wear.

Triple layer knee and seat areas include a hidden 500D Cordura middle layer enhanced abrasion resistance combines with an additional inner cotton liner for comfort. Ride to work, remove the pads, work all day and quickly install pads again for the ride home. Perfect protection for everyday, around-town riding. Machine washable. Patent applied for. 32–30, 32–32, 34–30, 34–32, 34–34, 34-36, 36–30, 36–32, 36–34, 36-36, 38–30, 38–32, 38–34, 38-36, 40–30, 40–32, 40–34, 40-36, 42–30, 42–32. Made in USA

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Additional Information

Additional Information

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  • COOLER 100% cotton twill that gets better with every wash.
  • STYLE Call them whatever...Khakis... Dockers®... Chinos... there are a millions brands. Fine for any work situation.
  • STRENGTH Hidden 500D breathable/ waterproof Cordura nylon in seat and both knees.
  • COMMANDO Comfortable, 100% cotton inner liner at seat and behind both knees.
  • FAST & EASY Remove and install knee armor in seconds via hidden zipper.
  • FITTIN' STYLIN' 20 Sizes, in regular and tall.
  • AUTHENTIC Made in the United States. Very carefully. They are beautiful.


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Customer Reviews (17)

Too light, very dirtyReview by Stu
The good: They fit and look like Khakis.

The bad: Whoever selected this color must not actually ride! My pants get dirty, very dirty every time I ride. A darker color / denim would be a much better choice. The pockets are uselessly small.

Pass on these, get the denim ones. (Posted on 9/2/15)
No Knee ArmorReview by Bud
I was very disappointed when I received my Protekt Khakis that they did not come with the knee armor. Nothing states that they don't in the product description online, but plenty is written about how convenient they are when using the knee armor. Can you fix your website to clearly state that knee armor is not included? I wanted to use them this week and now I have to wait another week. (Posted on 7/14/15)
Protekt Khaki reviewReview by John
I am 6'3" 190lbs with 34" waist and at least 34" inseam. The 34x36 fit great. The knee protector pockets still need to be lowered by about 4 inches. May have a seamstress rework them. the bottom of the pad just covers the knee cap when riding. Not sure how these change in fit with washing yet. They seem adequate for protecting at low speed crashes and for wearing under Dariens. Probably better than mesh pants for hot weather in terms of protection and off the bike appearances. Must tuck into tall boots as they are not boot cut. (Posted on 6/19/15)
6/16/15Review by Alex
Fit exactly like Docker's D3 (classic fit, try on a pair in a store if you want to know what the Aero will fit like), look great in the office. Currently own 2 pair. Best (docker-like) fit I've found and I've tried all of the Kevlar pants out there that have the inseam I need (36").
Haven't washed them yet, so can't comment on shrinkage or fit after wash.

-knee pocket needs to be about 6" lower (shift the entire pocket down)
-rear pockets are too shallow to be useful, almost fit a wallet in there, smartphone no way (just carrying for walking....still not happening).
-more colors would be nice, but the current color does what I need
(Posted on 6/16/15)
Aerostich Protekt KhakisReview by John
Great pants, except . . . the rear pockets are uselessly too small for carrying a bill fold. I understand this is being resolved BUT before you order I would advise you too ask. Replacement of mine was not offered - I did not request either as they are very comfortable riding pants of which I'm otherwise very pleased. (Posted on 6/8/15)
Protekt KhakisReview by JOHN
I am delighted with the pants - very comfortable and they look good. The zip for the knee pads is very discreet, and the pads are very easy to insert. I often have to attend concerts and slightly posh events in the city, and these (with the pads removed!) are absolutely fine! I agree with the other reviewer who suggested additional colours - I'd buy an additional pair in dark green or maroon (or dark blue). (Posted on 6/8/15)
Only One ComplaintReview by Tom in Iowa
Been riding to work in these for only a couple of weeks, so I cannot comment on durability or crash-worthiness. But these are the most comfortable and best fitting motorcycle pants I have tried.

So what is my complaint? Only one color - please consider making these in black, gray, dark blue, dark green.... (Posted on 5/13/15)
GrrreatReview by Bob
These are really great- just like regular trousers, the really are the best- better than jeans (Posted on 2/4/15)
Ride more...Review by Doug
Really great product. Have owned other riding jeans and these are the best so far. Quick knee pad removal is the best part.
Much more convenient than over pants means I'll ride more to work more often and run more errands on the bike. These fit true to size and look good enough not to be out of place.
Cons: fabric looks protective, but it's not Kevlar, no hip pad, not exactly cheap
Pros: easy knee pads, look better than any other MC pants, comfortable, spend more time on the bike (Posted on 7/26/14)
Sizes!Review by Schorsch Meier
All thin folk are not short.
All tall folk are not chubby.
Why no sizes for tall, slender riders?
(Same issue with your Arborwear pants - I buy 32-36 "tree-climber" pants from Arborwear but I can not get your cleverly improved version in my size) (Posted on 11/26/13)
Great pants, but...Review by Thunderbird
These are really well made, stylish pants. I ordered the size I wear in Dockers and as pants, they fit perfectly. My complaint is that the knee pads sit too high when I'm in riding position on my bike. I ride in an upright stance - not especially bent over - and my proportions are pretty normal. I know that Aerostich fixed this problem with the jeans, but they haven't on the khakis. I've worn them on my bike a few times, so now I can't return them and the friendly operator at customer service basically told me I must have odd proportions, because no one else has complained. So I suppose the folks at Aerostich think that their customers for khakis are shaped differently than their customers for jeans? I'd order a few pairs and wear them every day if they could fix this. (Posted on 8/22/13)
Protekt KhakisReview by James
Very satisfied. I got these pants primarily for around town riding. They are very comfortable and the sizing is accurate. The zippers for the knee pads work well and are not visable. The fabric is heavy but breathes well and the pants aren't too hot for summer rides. For better or worse, the pants look more like dress pants than motorcycle pants. I told my wife I was going for a ride and when she saw me with the khakis she asked me why I had changed my mind about the ride and why was I dressed up? (Posted on 8/20/13)
Protekt KhakisReview by Norman
The Khakis fit well and appear very well made. They are a little warm in the hot weather and I have not had a chance to use them in cold weather. My only complaint is minor and that is the knee protector [pocket is too long and the knee pads sit too low. Some Velcro on the pads and the pocket or an additional seam sewn across the bottom of the pocket should take care of that (Posted on 8/20/13)
Aerostitch KhakisReview by James
Love the khakis and hope I'll never need the protection, but am pleased it will be there when I need it.
Right now I'm in between sizes, the goal is to fit into my 28 ? year old Aerostitch Roadcrafter suit. I was 34 inches back then and now 35 inches so the 36 inch waistband gathers in a bunch at the back. Size 35 would be nice for now with a slim leg fit, but still I like the comfortable feeling I get with these pants. (Posted on 8/18/13)
Protekt Riding KhakisReview by Clay
These pants are great. They are comfortable to wear all day long and afford me protection that I need. I always wear overpants when I ride to work or for fun. On hot days, these pants are much cooler to wear than my mesh overpants. If you get these, it is worth the money to get the pads with them. (Posted on 8/18/13)
Works as Advertised!Review by Chad
I'd been looking for an alternative to the more traditional riding pants that I've been wearing over jeans and shorts for years while riding to work. These have proven to be a great alternative. They are true to size, look good and are comfortable and generally cooler to ride in. Folks at work had no idea that they weren't a typical pair of khaki slacks! Going to order the blue jean version next. (Posted on 8/15/13)
Great StuffReview by charles
I bought these after being very satisfied with the blue jean version. The khakis are cut just like the jeans, have a heavy cotton fabric, and work great. They are not the wrinkle free variety of khaki, so a little smoothing out may be necessary if you are particular about wrinkles.

You feel better protected riding with these. I alternate between these and the protekt jeans--No complaints! (Posted on 7/18/13)

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Aerostich Protekt Riding Khakis

Your Favorite New Pants.

I've always wanted a pair of pants like these to wear into work on warm days under nothing but a button-down shirt and Darien Light jacket. Something that looked exactly like the khaki 'Dockers®' street pants I usually wear under a Roadcrafter. Comfortable pants (especially on hotter days) that would provide semi-decent abrasion protection in case of a crash. Pants with big protective knee pads that would go in and out very fast...while sitting right at my desk. A pair of pants that were all-day comfortable at work worn with a shirt and sometimes even a tie. Maybe a sport coat, too. Occasionally.

So we modified several pairs of actual ‘Levi's Dockers®,’ making small adjustments and changes to each pair. Eventually, voila — we had some very plain-looking khaki pants that were comfortable all day at work, and for riding, and were not jeans.

Getting all of this correct took us about a year, squeezed between other work and projects. Then finding someone in the USA with this type of pant-making experience — someone to produce a nicely sewn final version — took another year. But finally it all came together.

I'd wanted a pair of pants exactly like this for more than ten years. Everyday wearing pants that were comfortable commuting, reasonably protective, and that looked ok at work.

These are those pants.

-- Mr. Subjective, 7-13

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