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Aerostich Titanium Tar Arn

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If you want to be able to change or repair a tube or tubeless tire while on the road, you’ll need to pack along tire irons to get the tire off the rim. They don’t call ‘em irons for nothing… Conventional tire irons are plenty heavy, especially for something you may never use (except in your garage workshop), so we developed these high-tech supersonic aerospace versions to lighten your load and help you change tires in a swank, ultralight manner. Surprisingly there was quite a bit of trial-and-error and design detail work to get the exact best radiuses for the curved spoon ends. Some irons make you fight with the job, but these work easily and make it harder to accidentally pinch a tube. One pair weighs only 6.4 oz., compared to 9-12 oz. for typical steel tire irons. Great for carrying on trips and for street, off-road, and dual sport riding. A super high-tech tool for a Stone Age job, these beauts are that rare combination of the exotic and utterly practical. 9.25" long. 3.2 oz. each.


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they work better than you'd think!Review by roadoiler
The ONE feature that really makes these tire irons work, is the notch in the straight tip (the other end us spooned). When your putting your tire back on the rim- you feel it hit the rim and you know NOW you can leverage the bead over the rim with out fear of pinching your tube-I am a champion tube pincher- until I bought these irons. They ARE strong too. I was most impressed. (Posted on 4/19/11)

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