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Touch-Screen Elkskin Ropers

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Use every electrostatic screen controlled device with your riding gloves on. Rows of electro-conductive stitching exactly where needed let you scroll, dial, pinch-zoom, browse and navigate normally.

The Ropers themselves are the same as the model #420.

Modern techno-function meets old school comfort and performance. Full and half sizes 8-12 (not available in 11.5). Natural. Made in USA

Sizing Guide
Touch-Screen Elkskin Roper User Guide


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Great Gloves!Review by Eric
Easily the best gloves I've ever owned, I had about 20K miles on my first pair when I lost one glove: ordered a new pair the next day. Fitment guide worked great for me and they're pretty easy to keep clean. (Posted on 11/9/15)
Love'emReview by Viking Olly
I am particularly keen on these gloves which are a fair price for the money. I used them for the full term of the Butt Lite VII Rally where they took an absolute flogging. They are quick to get on and off, wear in fast, and can be modified with scissors to provide one or two fingers without the tips in place. Being able to drive my iPhone was a bonus. (Posted on 7/20/14)
Great GlovesReview by scott
Still breaking them in. Very comfortable. The threads work when wet right now but will get better with time. Thanks for great gloves! (Posted on 6/7/14)
Great GloveReview by Jeremy
Nice gloves very comfortable. Thumb squeegee works great. Seem to run large as I prefer a tight fit that will break into my hand. (Posted on 5/28/14)
I am not impressed...Review by John
I have had a pair of these gloves for a couple years (since they were first available). The first pair lasted a couple years . The metallic threads eventually stopped working, so to speak, and would not activate my iPhone screen. All four fingers and both thumb areas were DOA. The metallic thread failure started occurring after about a years worth of usage. Plus I got a hole in the side on one glove from normal usage. Yeah...I ride way too much but I figured the elk skin would hold up much better from normal daily wear.

Overall I will rate these gloves 2.5 out of 5. The metallic thread failure after a year is a killer...getting a hole in the glove is another. I really expected better quality and for the gloves to last much longer.

(Posted on 2/20/14)
Better Touch-Screen than my fingerReview by Gary
For what ever reason, my fingers don't seem to trigger the touchscreen on my GPS. But the thread on these gloves trigger the screen as soon as it gets close to the button. I just finished 400 miles through the TX panhandle and eastern NM heat (90 degrees or so). Comfortable gloves even in this heat. (Posted on 7/11/13)
work gloves, marginal motorcycle glovesReview by Bruce
I have to agree with another reviewer that a major flaw with these is that they're not built with any pre-curve and thus suffer from palm leather bunching at the base of your fingers/palm when gripping the handlebar. This bunching cause a hot spot and pinching on the motorcycle handgrip as your hand moves around shifting and braking.

I wore these for three weeks straight, hoping that they would break in, but no such luck. I don't see any amount of break-in that would introduce a natural, non-bunched curve.

They're sitting on the counter unused: a wasted experiment. (Posted on 6/28/13)
Great GlovesReview by Tim
I never realized gloves could be this nice. I guess I never gave gloves much thought. If I needed gloves for a particular purpose I found a pair that fit and went with them. But these are fantastic, so soft and comfortable and durable. A thousand times better than any other roper I have ever owned. I am gearing up for a cross country ride later this summer and I am very glad I bought these. Thank you. (Posted on 4/29/13)
They just work.Review by John
These are by far the best wearing bike gloves I have ever owned. Get caught in the rain a couple times and left the gloves dry on your hands while riding and they fit even better. The touch screen threads do indeed work as designed once they are "broken in" a bit and some of your finger funk gets on the threads. The added thumb mounted face shield squeegee is a bonus. A+ on these babies!

Hey Aerostich R&D...make these touch screen gloves with gauntlets also. I know you will sell a ton more. Just a thought. Put me down on the waiting list. (Posted on 11/25/12)
The things just work and quite wellReview by Alfredo Fettuccine
I bought these gloves, and after my first stop at my local bank, and touching the ATM touch screen, they simply worked, and did so beautifully. For those fearful of needing to dab something on the finger tips to get them to work, just get out there and ride your damn motorcycle.

I did nothing special but ride, and they worked first try. I'll buy another pair when these wear out. Thanks for making something that looks great, feels great, and just works. (Posted on 8/13/12)
Best gloves ever . . . Review by Steve
. . . for adventure type boonie bashing. This my second pair. I bought the new ones only because I wanted them not to replace the other pair. they simply will not wear out and have developed excellent "character". You will not be disappointed. (Posted on 8/10/12)
New work glovesReview by Wes
Similar experience to others and I wish I would've read the reviews in detail rather than the description and sizing chart.

I waited about a month for my order and of course didn't have them prior to a week long trip with my iPhone as my music and GPS. I should've left my Zumo installed...

They fit about a half size big and the left glove is more like a full size big. My hands are identical in size and no other gloves I own fit like this, so its not due to my hands IMHO.

Staying with the QC theme, the wiper on the left thumb is poorly installed and varies in how much protrudes from the glove making it mostly useless. That being said, I have rain gloves so I don't see it being a feature I'd ever use anyway.

On a positive note, the material is thinker than other similar work gloves I have and appears to be very durable. Its also very soft and pliable.

I was considering ordering another pair a half size smaller than what the sizing chart indicated but what I consider poor QC has kept me from doing so. I'll now try to convince my wife to extract the touchscreen thread from these gloves and insert them into some of my other gloves.

You can also tell that they're not motorcycle gloves as they're not built with any pre-curve and thus suffer from material bunching at the base of you fingers/palm when gripping the handlebar. Very comfortable to wear, just not in use.

I should note that I'm a glove snob, I have on the order of 10 pairs mostly from Revit, BMW and Held so I guess you could say I've made an unfair comparison to a modified work glove.

Normally Aerostich stuff is of reasonable quality but I have to be honest and say that I wouldn't recommend these gloves for motorcycle use. (Posted on 7/3/12)
99% PositiveReview by jbhawley
I've been wearing the touchscreen roper gloves for over a month now...daily commutes and a couple longer road trips. As others mention the gloves do run large. At least 1/2 size.

Break-in was not an issue. If you have ever worn real leather work gloves then you know leather is a bit stiff at first and then the more you wear the better the gloves will contour to your hands. If you have wuss hands and think the goat skinned golfing gloves are more your style then these may not be for you. up...they are leather gloves and made to last. GHEESH!

Over all these are 99% great gloves. The minor 1% is a bit of a distraction. The portion of the glove that is between the ring and little (pinky) finger is bulky. It is a very minor point but one I think could be adjusted by the mfg.

The touch screen portion works nice after a few days of wear...gotta build up some skin oils on the threads to get the conductivity to work. The gloves are too bulky for text-ing while wearing but to answer a smart phone or scan your itunes they work as advertised.

Hey about a new line of the touchscreen gloves: gauntlet, lined, competition...just add the conductive thread to all your current line up. I would like to have a set of these for the cold weather riding months. (Posted on 6/19/12)
The most comfortable glove.........Review by Tele130
I use my iPhone on my '06 Concours as my GPS and a music source. I also listen to "Pod Casts" or "Pandora Radio"......(Yes, I've heard both sides to this argument. To each his own). So I saw these gloves and figured for the cost, it's hard to go wrong. When they arrived, I put them on expecting a break-in period. Not so. These gloves are the most comfortable glove of ANY kind I've ever put my hand into. The sizing chart is dead on. The stitching in the finger tips really does allow the use of your touch screen devices as advertised. However, I have a waterproof mounting case that I put my iPhone in while riding......(besides being secure, I never have to worry about it getting wet). and as it turns out, these gloves won't activate the touch screen while in the case. That's OK, their still the most comfortable glove I've ever owned.......FANTASTIC!! I also treated the gloves with Mink Oil paste and let it soak in over two days before wiping off the excess. Then I ran the gloves under warm water getting them as wet as possible and then wore them tell they were dry. The fit is impeccable!!! Aerostitch is a great place to get all your riding apparel.

I did have an issue with "Fed-EX" letting my shipment sit for three days in their warehouse (over the weekend). Not happy about that at all! My next order will be handled by the USPS!!!!!! (Posted on 6/16/12)
Touchy SubjectReview by SoCalDon
They work great on the phone although a build up, or knot of magnetic thread irritates my finger. Would like the gauntlet version of the glove for winter… (Posted on 6/8/12)
Couldn't Imagine Review by Wolfy
I got both my wife and I a pair of these gloves and we love them.

Her only complaint is that her hand get cold when the temp. is below 45. They are a little big for her even with the smallest size made. She still really likes them and she is able to keep her gloves on and use her phone or GPS while we ride. And yes she is the Pillion.

As for me I would have NEVER thought these gloves where that great. They are soft and comfortable after they are broken in. The touch screen thread doesn't always work but I guess it is better than always taking my gloves off to punch something into the GPS. I do have to say that the best part of these gloves came after I had to send them in for warranty work.

We rode to the coast and I used my old gloves that I got new last year and are still in great shape. They have all the modern features plus some and I THOUGHT I really liked them. By the time we got to the coast, only 180 miles from home, my hands were killing me. The weekend before we rode 860 miles in 26 hours and fatigue was not an issue. The only change was the gloves.

I got my replacement gloves last night and can't wait to get them broken in again. For such basic design, other than the touch screen, AeroStitch has done a great job with the design and materials used in these gloves.

Get and pair for yourself and I'm sure you will find the same thing true.

Happy riding,
(Posted on 6/1/12)
Great GlovesReview by seayakerrob
These are great gloves. Very comfortable, excellent fit. They work great with my iphone although I would not try and type a email with them on. Work well enough to turn on a nav app, skip song or answer the phone. The inside leather is very soft on the skin and they seem like they have plenty of protection if needed. (Posted on 5/25/12)
Great gloves, with one tiny flawReview by IT_Mike
Overall, I love these gloves.

Soft, comfortable, great fit, and the ability to wipe other peoples windshield washer fluid off you faceshield on the fly. The touchscreen stitching works very well.

Speaking of the's on the wrong side of the thumb. I don't know anyone who operates a touchscreen with the outside of their thumb. (Posted on 3/15/12)
Bloody Brilliant GlovesReview by Scotty
I received these gloves a couple of months ago and couldn't be happier. They look, feel and perform exactly as advertised, and I absolutely love them. I did have a small issue with one of the closure tags coming away, but closer inspection revealed where the sewing machine must've had a slight hiccup (all other stitching appear to be fine). I was very impressed with the customer service I received from Aerostitch. They moved to act immediately and effectively, but since it was only a minor thing, I had an upholsterer mate of mine just sew it back up for me. Good as gold again, and have been flawless ever since. I will definitely be ordering the winter gauntlets when it starts to get colder here (Sydney Australia). (Posted on 2/28/12)
Off centerReview by Harley
Ordered two pair, the threads on one finger are slightly off center, the other pair the threads are facing the other finger rather than on the finger pad. (Posted on 2/13/12)

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Washable Leather?

“All of the elkskin glove models are cut and sewn on the exact same patterns so they fit similarly from model to model, but there are slight variations from glove to glove because each glove is hand made and each section of elkhide is a little different. A great way to quickly custom-fit a new pair is to fully wet-saturate on a warm day when you know you'll be riding continuously for several hours, then let them dry and conform to the shape of your hands during that ride.

Elkskin and deerskin can be safely washed using warm water and mild soap. This removes accumulated dirt, oils and stains and will help gloves last longer and feel nicer. After rinsing to remove residual soap, gloves should be gently wrung damp and allowed to dry gradually at room temperature. Do not apply direct heat when drying. They shrink slightly but will stretch to fit during wear.”

–Mr. Subjective.

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