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Aerostich Transit-to-Roadcrafter Ellipse

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This stretchy Lycra panel allows you to zip a Transit Suit Jacket or Pants to a Roadcrafter Jacket or Pants. Who are you, and why do you want to do this anyway?


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Customer Reviews (1)

Hybrid UtilityReview by CHarris
I bought this to bring unity to my Aerostich collection. I have a Roadcrafter Tactical Jacket(gray), a Darien jacket (hi-viz), a pair of Darien pants (black), and a pair of Transit pants (black, of course). You just can't mix Roadcrafter pants with a Darien jacket... its just weird. And anyway, I prefer my pants separate from my jacket for practical purposes, like stops or roadside repairs. I also prefer leather whenever possible.

The transit to Roadcrafter Ellipse was a vital piece of gear for rain riding as the high-backed cut of the Transit pants and the elastic gathered back of the roadcrafter absolutely conflict with one another. The pants (and jacket elastic) made the jacket push up... not all the way to wet-buttsville, but more of a it-feels-like-I-might-get-water-in-because-my-jacket-is-riding-up feeling.

Now, with the Ellipse, I can ride relaxed and confident that I will arrive dry. The ellipse completely removed that annoying feeling of impending exposure to the elements. The Transit pants and Roadcrafter jacket now feel like they were meant for each other and look good together. I am protected and can freely mix and match items as I please again. FREEDOM! (Posted on 10/1/14)

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