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Aerostich Waterproof Side Zip Bags

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Product Description


These seam sealed waterproof containers provide great lightweight storage and instant access to tents, sleeping bags, sweaters, road food, or anything else. They’re the fastest way to carry items in a “bedroll” shape without having to fight a long, narrow drybag or stuffsack. Full length Therm-a-Rest pads lay right inside with room for a pair of sandals on the side. The end-to-end waterproof zipper makes them dry enough for all-day torrential rains yet super easy to access. 160 Cordura fabric makes them super durable. All-time favorites. Medium is 4"×22"×4" and Large is 6"×22"×6". Made in USA


Customer Reviews (13)

2-up Camping on BMW R1200RTReview by F-ing Dane
These make 2-up camping trips with my wife easy. Used one of the large bags strapped on top of each side case to carry a 3P tent, Kermit table, shower flip flops on one side and 2 Big Agnes sleep pads, pillows, 2 Helinox Chair Ones, Keens on the other side. They didn't infringe on my wife's sitting area. Using these bags left the right and left side cases for clothes and sleeping bags respectively with a top case for Jet Boil, brown liquor, food and working room for easy on/off of riding layers. Couldn't have carried all the stuff for comfortable camping without the new bags. Rained hard most of Friday on the way to Chief Joseph Rally and not a drop of water entered the bags. Superb product ! (maybe I don't need a GS to carry everything?) (Posted on 6/25/14)
Extra Storage SpaceReview by Rick
I got two of the medium (smaller) sized bags and strapped them to the side rails of my Ultra Electra Glides saddle bags with zip ties. Great place to store our rain gear until it's needed. Plenty of sewn on straps to securely mount them to the rails. Out of the way, and we each have our own storage location for our wet kit. (Posted on 4/7/14)
Quality!Review by wrw9751
I have use these bags for top racks. They hold plenty and are waterproof! (Posted on 12/4/13)
no complaintsReview by taylor
I purchased the 6" (large) size bag. My Thermarest medium length standard self-inflating sleeping pad with therma-lounger chair option installed fit in the bag with room to spare. Didn't expose it to water so not sure about water proofness. Appears to be a tough, well made product. I have taken one 2,000 mile trip with it so far. (Posted on 11/12/13)
Waterproof Aerostich Side Zip BagsReview by MrEndo
The side zip bags are great for my street and off road travels. They allow simple and accessible compartmentalization of your gear with easy access. The straps on the sides give you plenty of options as to how and where you want to attach them.

Depending on climate and accommodations, I can take as many or as few as I want. I was going to get a larger soft bag for my dual sport camping but after using these I decided to just but a couple more. I use on of the bags to keep my warm layers accessible on the seat oft my Harley. When I'm on my dual sport, I use 1-4 lashed across the seat or along side of the seat depending on what I'm taking. Again, I put my layering clothes where they are accessed without detaching from the bike so I don't slow the group up at stops putting stuff on or taking it off. Great bags! (Posted on 7/17/13)
Side Zip bagReview by Maynard
Thought I'd try this bag after reading another customers review of it, and using it for his Kermit folding chair. The bag my Kermit chair came in had seen better days, so I thought I'd give this one a try.
I went with the larger of the two side zip bags and was able to get my Kermit chair, Kermit leg extensions, a pair of shoes, and a rain coat in the bag with no problem at all.
Several good secure attachment points on the bag let you know it's going to be where you packed it on the bike at the end of the day. First time I used it caught some rain and nothing got wet!! What's not to like??? (Posted on 6/20/13)
Nice but smallReview by Big John........ Mississippi
Typical High Quality you expect from Aerostich. Check the dementions you need as these are small bags. I ordered this to pack my air mattress (twin) size in and it was just right with no room for anything else. I ordered the large size. Don't see how a tent or sleeping bag would fit in this but who knows. Well made & light weight (Posted on 1/12/13)
Waterproff side zip bagsReview by Mike
The WP side zip bags were great. They were the perfect size for a tent, jacket or overpants to fit in without having to dig thru or pack a larger bag with several items. For a one piece small collapsable item it was easy to strap on the bike. They are durable and the goretex kept everything dry. Hard items such as compressors, camp axes, tools or canned goods would most likely wear a hole thru the material but you wouldn't normally worry about them getting water logged.

I like the sewn on strap to thread tie downs or bungee cords thru and would like to see another on the opposite side. They collapse down to a small size when not in use and a innertube rubber band secures them nicely.

They keep things dry and are easy to pack and tie on. The full length zipper makes it easy to stuff it full. They are reasonably priced and more comfortable than the rubber dry bags. They do not collect dust and are machine washable. I like them and would like to see them available in different sizes. And as always with Aerostitch gear, they are good, well made quality pieces. (Posted on 7/30/12)
zipper side bagsReview by Sloebehr
I got two of these bags just prior to riding a 892 mile in three days. Going down from the Metroplex to ride the 3 twisted sisters near Leakey Texas.
I loaded them and used them as saddle bags to store tent, sleeping bag and mat ... and they worked better than I thought they would.
Now we didn't encounter rain, so I can't report on them being waterproof, but if it helps, I did accidently spill water on them and it beaded right off.
I would recommend these to anyone that needs to pack their camping gear ... I suppose they can be stacked behind the rider .. but I used them as saddle bags using two cargo nets to hold them to the scoot.
I ride a maxi-scooter Piaggio MP3 500. (Posted on 6/2/12)
Waterproof storage for odd shapesReview by MSHusker
This is my second side zip bag. I'm a minimalist tourer, so these bags fit my needs. A tent, pad, and sleeping bag fit easily. There is still plenty of room to tuck small items between the tent and such. I'd like to see colors and a few more attachment points for the bags. (Posted on 5/11/12)
Side Zip BagsReview by Susan
These bags are really fantastic. The fabric is very heavy and the seams and zipper are very sturdy and are sealed well. They seem a little bigger around than the measurements state, which is always a plus. Very satisfied with this product. (Posted on 3/16/12)
Just what the doctor ordered.Review by Flogger
These bags are fantastic. When I'm packed for the long haul I put raingear or a one night change in them so they can be strapped on in an accessible location to keep from unpacking the whole bike on a stop over. (Posted on 2/10/12)
side zip bagsReview by Danman
Bought this bag to hold my Kermit folding camping chair. Not sure it would fit as the chair is 22" long and the bag is 22" long. The chair fit easily inside, the bag is generously large, and well made. Will be able to put plenty of other items in there with the chair, maybe even a tent. Haven't used it on the bike yet to test its waterproofness, but I like it so far and am considering getting a couple more of these bags as they will be great for tents, poles, thermarest pad or a down sleeping bag. I like how it will fit between my panniers and the body of the bike. It also has attachment loops sewn along the top to clip it together with other gear. A satisfying product at a good price. (Posted on 10/18/11)

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