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Aerostich LP (Lightweight Portable) Bag

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Product Description


This lightweight, ultra-compact water-resistant/repellent sil-nylon reusable bag is packs anywhere and doubles as a functional backpack. Jam one behind the headlight or a side panel and it will stay there until needed. Or toss inside another pack or Messenger Bag.

They are built to last. All seams are reinforced with binding for durability and strength. The handle loops are tacked and bound, then reinforced again – so they won’t pull off. Two draw cord closure straps of flat webbing secure a quick cinch closure. Bottom corners are reinforced with Cordura pack cloth.

The draw cords lock to desired length so they can function as backpack-style shoulder straps. A small stuff-pocket is located high on the interior to double as easy-access storage for keys or a phone.

Carries fine across shorter surface street distances by threading one’s left forearm through the handles so the bag hangs just in front of the left knee, too. Inspired by Mark Lindemann, motorcycle industry veteran and author of ‘The Total Motorcycling Manual’ (#5506). Assorted colors. 4.5"×3.75"×2" (compressed), 19"×20"×18" (expanded).


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Customer Reviews (15)

Brilliant Bag!Review by Tom
What a great bag! Works better than a regular grocery bag, and the shoulder straps are much more comfortable than I expected! Once I (finally) figured out how to stuff it in its pocket, I was impressed with how small it stores! (Posted on 11/10/14)
Essential Gear BagReview by Radar
I use this bag daily as a combination lunch, gym bag, it is stronger than expected and very easy to pack when loaded, it conforms to any space. Need another one for shopping on way home! (Posted on 8/29/14)
Best Aerostich bag yetReview by Terry
Excellent purchase. Packs to nothing. Weighs nothing. Unpacks to a well designed grocery bag with handles or a backpack with adjustable shoulder straps. Solves the problem of how to carry a backpack while touring. And a surprisingly comfortable backpack at that. Even when loaded with gear. Get one! (Posted on 7/18/14)
Great bagReview by Matt
I keep one of these in my (Aerostich Courier) work-gear bag. Since I work for the only certified-organic grocery store I'm also doing the shopping. This bag can hold organic kale or a 6-pack of a farmhouse saison with equal grace. The cashiers are always amazed at this little wonder. Slides into panniers with ease, or sling it across your back. I'm gonna buy another just to have. (Posted on 5/28/14)
great bag!Review by jiffyheart
I balked at paying $25 for a bag that didn't look very substaitial in the pictures. Then I saw one at the VBR3. It's much sturdier than it appears in the catalogue. I got one, and liked it so much I ordered another after I rode home from the rally. I can stuff it in a jacket pocket or under the seat on a bike, and it carries much more than I imagined it could. (Posted on 10/14/13)
Great BagReview by Mary
This bag works wonderfully! It is light but holds a lot of "stuff". It fits in the saddlebags, the bag behind the windshield or under the seat and takes up no room. It has come in handy multiple times. (Posted on 1/26/13)
Best product I have bought for agesReview by John
I didn't have high expectations, but I am very pleasantly surprised how useful this is. I bought it on a whim that it would be handy one day, and stuck in under my ducktail. It really is very small when packed into it's built in pouch. I was out on my bike, and remembered it was my wifes birthday! Ouch, better buy something before I get home. Went to a small gifts store, bought 3 items (1 gist from me, and one for each of our kids to give her). then I realised I had no way to carry. For a split second I was contemplating jamming them into the front of my riding jacket, but that would have crushed the beautiful gift wrapping. Then I remembered the bag! So easy, popped everything into it, slung it on my back! It didn't even flap in the wind on the way home. Woohoo, Excellent quality, much stronger than expected. I am going to buy another and stick it in the Porsche glove box!!! (Posted on 9/24/12)
ExcellentReview by NITRO
My wife and I bought this bag and have been using it as a diaper bag for our toddler. It works perfectly as it is water proof, holds a ton of stuff, and incredibly well made. I am quite impressed with how much more durable this bag is compared with every other cinch-sack I've used. (Posted on 8/8/12)
great bagReview by Marco
great design. durable. stashes easily. convenient. very handy & versatile. LOVE this bag.
to get the color you want, you'll have to order by phone, though. (Posted on 5/31/12)
Great product but..Review by Sparky
This bag is perfect for so many things, on the bike and off. It is huge, can hold the groceries, and it stays tight on your back for the ride home. My one observation is that it is lacking a loop to put a carabiner into.(it's a pain to hold and too big for my pockets. When you are done with it - or before you use it - there is no way to hang it from your belt or to attach it anything. I sewed on a keyring/added a carabiner and now I clip it to my belt while shopping or from by belt after the picnic. (Posted on 4/3/12)
soldReview by reech
I got 2 of these bags in case my wife or I needed them for extra storage on our bike trip. I wanted saddlebag liners but couldn't find the right size in time. These bags made excellent subs and were more versatile and packable to boot. Wonderful things. (Posted on 9/6/11)
What more could you ask?Review by Larry
Just got one for my birthday... clever, durable, packs away neatly, priced right and its not made in China. How do they do it? (Posted on 6/30/11)
Great ideaReview by John
Terrific well-made bags that can be carried numerous places on your bike or on your person if you prefer. I bought five so far for my five remaining bikes and would have bought six but just sold my FZ-1 to a nice fellow in Indiana. You can't go wrong with the Aerostitch quality that they somehow built into this product at a very low price. (Posted on 10/6/10)
Can't stop puchasing themReview by Dan
I purchased one, then three and now two more. That's it. (Posted on 6/9/10)
Handy little thing!Review by Michelt
Handy little thing to have around... And I know it is hard to believe, but it is actually possible (and quite easy) to put it back in the little pouch it comes in! (Posted on 2/4/10)

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There are all kinds of other little bags like this -- bags that one gets free at trade shows, or one can purchase for $7 out of a bin by the cash registers of Whole Foods and Trader Joes type stores. We spent a bunch of time making prototypes trying to figure out how to make a really good one that a rider could jam under the saddle or behind a headlight or fairing, or keep inside of a courier bag, to have ready for 'whatever'. This is a serious tool for everyday riders, not a throwaway. I keep one behind the headlight of my 650 motard (between the little number plate area above the sealed beam, and the speedo). I keep another in the small back pack I use for daily commuting to carry my computer, work papers, etc. I keep another in an aerostich courier bag I use for quick errands (this bag hangs by the garage door of my home...and is used for weekend trips to the grocery and similar non-work missions). Mr. Subjective 10/09

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