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Banana Guard

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Imagine the guy who invented this telling his wife... “Honey, we’re going to invest our life savings in breathable banana luggage!” These ingenious crushproof holders are the perfect packing solution for banana lovers everywhere. Made of hard plastic, the Banana Guard features a nifty snap lock so your banana won’t fall out and mingle with the rest of your belongings. It’s even equipped with ventilation holes. Sure, you might get a laugh or two when you pull this thing out of your tank bag, we had a laugh or two discovering it. Fully patented, natch…


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Yup, a Banana Safe Review by CJ
Wow, much larger than I thought. Bananas of all sizes do fit though, with space to spare.

Yes, I need more for multi-day trips, and yes, my co-workers will razz me when they see it at work.

I suspect that it will be worth every penny.. (Posted on 6/1/13)
banana guard Review by bflat
Very, very nice, I have used it often. I throw in my top case and no bruises and the banana doesn't get mushy. It is a rather odd looking item when you carry it, so when I open it and show people, they love it. A great item to have if you like bananas. (Posted on 10/10/12)
A very cool,useful item! Review by Randy
I've had one of these for several years and it absolutely works as advertised! The plastic "hinge" gave up finally but I'm ordering another one anyway. You'll get alot of "what the heck is that" at work. (Posted on 9/7/12)
Deserves The Nobel Peace Prize! Review by HankMurphy
The full contribution of this ground-breaking invention to Western civilization cannot be overstated! No more risks of bruised bananas rotting! The benefit of the banana-borne B6 vitamin helps make keep North America healthy! And the lost productivity from having your laptop crush your lunchtime banana in your Aerostich Parcel Bag can be completely avoided! To say nothing of the emotional trauma of mushy banana in your USB slot! (Don;t ask me how I know.)

Truly a boon to the world and deserving of a Nobel nomination for its economic and health benefits!

Well, OK, maybe that's all an exaggeration, but it does keep your banana in good form. (Posted on 11/27/11)
It works! Review by Paul
This thing really works and causes much excitement at work when I whip it out!
No more bruised mushy bananas. (Posted on 11/1/11)
Great idea! Review by aloft38
A product that delivers what it's meant to at a price that is reasonable. What more could you want? I love it! (Posted on 7/22/11)
I love it Review by John
I take it to work everyday, have gotten some raised eyeballs and comments about it. I prefer to eat the unbruised banana though.
I've found ones that aren't too large and with the a gente curve work best. (Posted on 7/22/10)
Juniors Tennis Review by JNA
I went to a USTA Juniors Tennis Tournament last weekend - bananas are one of the "favorite" foods for the kids to eat between matches, but difficult to keep from getting squished in the their bags along with the power drinks, water, rackets, towels, etc. One of the moms had a Banana Guard - and the rest of us went wild. (Posted on 6/15/10)
If you like bananas, you need this... Review by Mitch
If may seem unnecessary, it may look ridiculous. Your friends may laugh when they see it.'s THE WAY to carry a banana around in your backpack, lunch bag, or back pocket and save it from turning into a bruised, mushy mess. And, surprisingly, nearly every banana, small and large, has fit into the Banana Guard. Have I said enough? Get one for yourself ...and a few more for your friends. (Posted on 5/23/10)
Mine's Imported Review by Big Consumer of Bananas
I found out about the Banana Guard before they were available here and my wife had some shipped over from the UK. They're fantastic. An engineering marvel. Sure, it's a little hard to keep a straight face when I leave it on my desk on my co workers point at it and say "what the hell is that?" but my bananas are always secure and unblemished. (Posted on 10/2/09)
I've used one at work for... Review by Conrad Long
I've used one at work for about 9 months now; even at -25, it's remained intact, and my banana undamaged. They've proven so popular as gifts that I'm now getting requests! Well done! (Posted on 1/6/09)
I recieved this as a joke... Review by Jen K
I recieved this as a joke gift last christmas from my boyfriend after telling him sarcastically that i really needed one. Although I never intended to use it in the first place, I have found it's given me new reason to take a banana to work with my lunch. It always gives my co-workers a chuckle. However, my bananas are always full of pristine, unbruised perfection when I take that ever important first bite. Thanks Aerostich for offering these ridiculious lil things! (Posted on 1/9/08)

12 Item(s)

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