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Aerostich Dispatch Bag

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The fastest, most comfortable, versatile and easy to way to carry stuff on a motorcycle, scooter or bicycle. Triangular in cross-section, messenger bags wrap around your back and stay in position when riding. The original ‘Courier’ size holds a small briefcase, a few magazines and some files…plus a tablet and notebook computer with room to spare. It is the most versatile and best selling size.

All are constructed of 1000D PU-backed Cordura nylon, with a seamless bottom for maximum strength and durability. All also feature a bright yellow reinforced PVC waterproof inner lining. Also inside is a usefully-sized organizer pocket (two on the Parcel size) and ‘clip-on’ key loop.

After long use they’ll develop an ‘experienced’ patina that reflects your individual patterns of use and wear. The 2" military-spec nylon shoulder strap adjusts quickly and easily via a cam lock buckle for a secure, comfortable fit. For heavy-load all-day comfort, there is an oversize, removable, load-spreading shoulder pad with a grippy Ultrasude surface (it’s optional for the Letter size).

The flap closes with a wide strip of hook and loop as well as adjustable side-release buckles to accommodate oversized loads. There's also a useful carrying handle on the top center. Visibility is assured with a wide strip of 3M Scotchlite™ reflective running across the flap.

These bags are as simple to put on as a guitar, and easier to learn. Red, black, grey, hi-viz lime yellow, or blue (or limited edition pink in letter, dispatch, and courier sizes only).

Four sizes: Letter (9"×3.75"×9"/12"), Dispatch (12"×7"×12"/18"), Courier (12"×7"×18"/23"), Parcel (14"×9"×18"/26"). Made in USA

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In 2014 Abhi, the creator of of bike-urious.com, reviewed his Aerostich messenger bag here.
Two years later in 2016 bike-urious.com contributor Cas V. also reviewed his Aerostich messenger bag here.
Two unique riders in distant locations with different riding patterns with two usefully different stories. No spoiler alert needed…both stories are revealing.


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Carry With ComfortReview by Dave
I bought this bag to haul my dress shoes and laptop to work but soon found many other uses. When I first got it I thought it looked way too big. Wrong! It holds lots of heavy stuff but, because it rests on the passenger seat, there is no weight on my back. It stays put at speed and doesn't shift around during "spirited" riding. The adjustable strap allows me to adjust it so it is just right for my froward lean whether going freeway fast or sitting more upright in town. It is almost always with me whenever I ride. The quality is typical Aerostich - excellent. And it is made in the USA. I really like that too. (Posted on 6/20/11)
Mine, all mine. Review by Desiree
How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. You carry my lunch, my dinner, my clothes and my groceries. My laptop, my skates, my shoes and my wine. You are the perfect size as a carry on bag when I'm forced to use the pressurized tube. You stand out in a crowd of cheaply made off shore junk that falls apart when put to the test. You look so good with my Roadcrafter, and your reflectorized stripe helps keep the cages at bay. You practically purr when I toss the Letter Bag on the other shoulder, thinking how smart you two look together. And best of all, you're pink. And that means the better half will never, ever use you. You are all mine. From one Dispatcher to another, I love you. (Posted on 2/7/11)
exceeded my expectationsReview by carenw
I just received my Hi Viz Yellow dispatch bag and was blown away at the quality from the great finishing to the padded shoulder strap. Hi quality and will be used both on and off the bike. Love it! (Posted on 9/27/10)
Excellent purchaseReview by Daniel
Needed a more comfortable bag to carry stuff to work in and run small errands. The dispatch bag is better than any backpack I've worn while riding. Very comfortable, plenty of space for my needs. Haven't had any issues with it moving excessively in the wind, either. After riding with it to work I started running all my errands on my motorcycle(except the larger awkward items). One reason why I didn't ride my motorcycle as much as I could have was because of lack of a good carrying bag. Now I can do anything and everything....well, almost anything and everything. Great product. I would recommend it to anyone. (Posted on 9/5/10)
Great bag for carrying stuff aroundReview by KJ
My fiance just bought this bag for me. He's a motorcycle rider, and I'm his passenger. We both love Aerostich gear, and when I needed a bag to carry stuff in as I walk to the train every day, I knew they would have one for me. I got the limited edition pink bag, and its perfect for me. I can carry my lunch, wallet, books, papers, keys and other stuff in it easily and comfortably. Plus the shoulder pad makes it really comfortable. This is a great gift for women, whether they are riders or not! (Posted on 10/21/09)
Perfect gift for the woman who has everything!Review by Chester
Is she bored with diamonds, furs, and designer what-nots? Is she looking for a style that stands apart from the mundane so conspicuously displayed by her friends at the weekly country club tea? Moreover, perhaps you are suffering from sleepless nights wondering what kind of birthday present would be both original and fabulous without breaking the bank? Maybe you are in the hunt for a special present that could get you out of the doghouse after your riding buddies spilled cold beverages on her one-of-a-kind oriental rug, or whatever? You get the picture, right! Finding the perfect gift is difficult. You know the drill. We walk into a fancy boutique surrounded by silk, lace and finery. Feeling out of place, we tentatively glance around, pretending we possess an enlightened sense of style. It's all a charade! We've all been there, and we would rather be getting a root canal, too. Don't you agree? Aerostitch to the rescue with their Dispatch bag in limited edition pink, of course! It meets are the criteria for the perfect gift for the woman who has everything: very well-made; cutting edge style; useful; and most important, exclusivity. (I can guarantee none of her friends at the annual Viennese ball will have one.) Seriously though, I just gave this very present, Dispatch Bag in pink, to my elegant ballroom dancing partner, and she loved it. It's the perfect size for carrying all those necessary items to the cotillion: spare high heels, camera, water bottle, tons of cosmetics, CD's, etc. She liked it so much, I just ordered the smaller Letter Bag in pink to accompany her on travels requiring less storage space. It really is a wonderful gift, and she will appreciate your thoughtfulness, practicality, and newly discovered sense of style. Thanks Aerostitch for making gift buying a whole lot easier for us motorcyclists with equally important things to do like changing the oil. (Posted on 8/25/09)
I bought the bag simply b...Review by Richard Reed
I bought the bag simply because I needed a way to haul my laptop and usual work stuff while riding, and it was an Aerostich product so I figured it would be good. It not only met my expectations, but exceeded them. The yellow inside lining plays a much more important part than I ever would have figured. NOTHING gets lost; it is so easy to find even loose ball-point refills. Add a laptop sleeve and you've got a sho-nuff boss briefcase. Courier Bags are a badge of honor of sorts for a small cult of riders at a certain large Pacific Northwest airplane manufacturer that will remain nameless; we even have secret handshakes and weekly rituals out behind the paint hangar. OK, we really don't, but it's fun making the cage drivers think we do. (Posted on 1/20/09)
I've been riding for over...Review by Robert Scheuneman
I've been riding for over 35 years and finally bought a dispatch bag. This bag is without a doubt the most comfortable and easy way to carry most anything for daily commuting. I can pack it full and barely notice it is there when riding. The bag is comfortable and never shifts. It truly is one of those products that represents great design. Not cheap, and probably worth twice the price. (Posted on 8/18/08)
I purchased the Dispatch ...Review by Chris Hancock
I purchased the Dispatch bag to commute with a standard-sized laptop which I carry in a padded sleeve. The Dispatch size is perfect for the laptop, power supply, and a few other miscellaneous items.

If I could suggest one change it would be to include an organizer-type pocket or two with business card slots and loops for pens and pencils. As designed, it includes only one internal pocket that measures maybe 8" wide by 10" deep. It is also provided with a key hook. (Posted on 8/18/08)
I've used my dispatch bag...Review by Samuel Reid
I've used my dispatch bag for the past 10,000 miles in all weather. Rain, heat, sun and frigid nastiness. It continues to perform well every day. It does leak a bit around the side edges of the top flap in rain, as the Aerostich staff told me it would. No big deal if you remember to pack delicates or electronics in plastic before travel. The sewing is top notch, as is the selection of construction materials. On long rides the shoulder pad needs only an infrequent hike up or down the main strap, and the stabalizer strap (an inxpensive upgrade) is a must have. I'm really serious about this. Get a stabalizer strap. This bag is ideal for carrying small loads (LESS than a week's worth of groceries). For a commute to work or a day jaunt the "dispatch" will hold all you need - comfortably. If you're in need of carrying larger loads than lunch, extra sweater, book or two, and a beverage in one place, get a larger bag. (Posted on 8/18/08)

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Our favorite Messenger bag, too...

A Mr. Subjective History on Aerostich Messenger Bags
(Rev 3-2017)

Aerostich messenger bags are one of my favorite Aerostich products. They differ substantially from all of the other kinds of similar bags you’ve seen elsewhere. Essentially, these are a lot heavier-duty.

The primary reason we like messenger bags so much because they are so easy to use for urban and utility motorcycle riding. They go on-and-off quick and are versatile. One of these bags hangs empty, near my riding gear, so I can grab it whenever the destination involves picking up something, or whenever I need to carry something fast without using bungees. Messenger bags are a key technology for every day motorcycling…An invaluable tool.

These bags are the first ever to incorporate advanced, modern materials: Cordura Nylon, nylon webbing, Fastex quick-release buckles and strap adjusters, Velcro and 3M Scotchlight reflective. The only other bags of this type when these were created used basic canvas, and were carried mostly by the document couriers in larger cities.

The official introduction of the first Aerostich messenger bag happened nearly thirty years ago at one of the old Motorcycle Dealernews trade shows. I remember standing at the end of a table in a small private conference room at one of the hotels, giving an informal presentation to Motorcyclist Magazine’s then Editor-in-Chief Mitch Boehm and several other staff editors. “The daypack is dead!” I begun, trying to sound as declarative as possible. “The era of the messenger bag is beginning.” A colorful selection of the Aerostich messenger bags spread across the table. As some editors started examining them I explained why this nearly unknown style of bag was so great for motorcyclists. And why I believed they’d rule in the future. And why these were made exactly the way they were. It felt as though we were pioneering something entirely new.

A few years later other messenger bag companies started up and their far less heavy-duty versions of this type of bag quickly became a college bookstore commodity. Today hundreds of other messenger bag variations are available from dozens of companies…but the Aerostich messenger bags (by size: 'letter', 'dispatch', 'courier', and 'parcel') are the original.

About ten years ago we created a new range of wax cotton messenger bags in several colors, added the color pink to the Cordura line and developed an optional internal organizer pocket system for all of the three larger-sized bags. An Aerostich messenger bag is a handcrafted American-made tool for carrying stuff when riding a motorcycle.

– Mr. Subjective

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