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Better Off

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Better Off #5948

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An MIT student proposes a simple question: Do humans really need this much technology? Furthermore, can we live without it? Have we gone so far that we’ve become dependant on it? Hmmm… good question. By odd chance, he accidentally stumbles upon a Mennonite village and decides… hey, what the heck, let’s give this a shot for 10 months. No cell phone, no computer, no internet, no electricity, no TV, no radio, no running water, no motorized transport, no nothing. Not even a newspaper. So, our fearless author heads to the village with his wife, after being married for only one week (!) and together, they give it their best try. Do they make it? Do they run away screaming? Do they go crazy and murder each other? You’ll have to see for yourself. One of the best books we’ve read this year (‘08). By Eric Brende. Softbound, 5.25"×8", 234 pp., no illus.

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