Meet the Zero Volunteers

Initial Volunteer Zero Below Zero riders include (others may be added later):

Andy - Aerostich design manager. Riding since 1970. Currently 5-8K miles annually, mostly commuting with Suzuki DRZ 400E and occasional longer trips on BMW R1200R.

Rider factoid: Rode about 80 miles directly across ice-covered western end of Lake Superior in the particularly cold winter of 1994.

Bruce - Aerostich Website Development. Rides approximately 3000 miles annually on a 2007 Yamaha FZ6.

Rider factoid: Is a ‘totally boring commuter’ recently hitting 20K transportational riding miles (racked up 6 exciting miles at a time...). Sometimes bicycles to work, too.

Gail - Aerostich H.R. and Payroll. A new rider in 2015, she rides a 2014 Honda PCX 150 scooter and logged about 2,000 miles during her inaugural riding year.

Rider factoid: Prefers riding on clear, sunny days, but with the all weather protection of her Roadcrafter, she has managed a few adventurous rides in rain and fog and even rode a day in December last year!

Kyle - Aerostich Marketing and Graphics. Everyday ride is an ‘08 Kawasaki Versys, used to commute about 4500 miles per year.

Rider factoid: Enjoys riding in the rain and the jealous looks of youth soccer players (and a few mom’s) when dropping off his daughter on the bike for soccer practices and games.

Randy - Aerostich I.T. & Data/Mail List Management. Rode about 7K miles in 244 days in 2015. Commutes daily on either a ‘06 Suzuki DR650 or ‘89 Honda Hawk NT650.

Rider factoid: Road raced CRA, WERA competitively for 10 years. Rode across Alaska and parts of South America in Argentina and Chile. Lifelong rider.

Rod - Aerostich Engineering and Product Development. Logs about 6000 miles every year on his 2004 Triumph Tiger.

Rider factoid: First bike was a 1963 Polaris. Quote: “I've never met anyone else who can say that.” Riding since forever.

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