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Saying Goodbye to the FX

Saying Goodbye to the FX…

The Zero Below Zero project is now complete.

We put the FX through a tough Duluth winter to see how it performed, but we also tested ourselves.

It really comes down to taking the first step out of your comfort zone.

  • Once you figure out your extra layers under your Roadcrafter, it becomes routine.
  • Once you add accessories like Aero Warm Grips, you become more comfortable.
  • Once you put on enough studs, you become confident.
  • Once you remember the bike is quiet and people can hear you singing, you shut up. Yes, that really happened!
  • Once you have enough people tell you you’re crazy, you believe it!

Riding the FX through the winter made me a better and more confident rider. I no longer check the weather and plan my rides around the nicest days. I ride when I want to ride no matter what my weather app says.

The project created an excitement around the company that staff and customers could all be a part of. It created a great camaraderie and support amongst us test riders. We shared information on how to keep warmer, how to navigate in the snow and they always made sure the bike was moved to level ground so I could get on it.

This was a fun and unique project to be a part of and it makes me think, what’s next?

Safe travels FX and thanks for the ride!

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