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Calory Vac


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Supersize everything! The pocket sized Calory Vac literally sucks the invisible calories right out of all food and beverages. This miracle breakthrough is of tremendous importance to motorcyclists. Carry in a pocket and extend it to vacuum out unwanted calories from up to 4’ away. After a few seconds of vacuuming, a quick shake towards the floor (...or toward another meal at a nearby table) dissipates all the unwanted calories. It doesn’t change flavors or textures (except walnuts...) of any foods — even the richest breakfast pastrys, the sweetest deserts or the thickest BBQ’d ribs and steaks. Just imagine the money you’ll save on riding suit alterations alone. This will forever change your roadfood café stops. Solid State Bragg gratings use Hybrid Zero Dynamics algorithms (HZD) to increase exothermal molecular absorption. No Batteries required. 5.4” x .3” compacted. From Houghco.

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Additional Information

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While generally good ther...Review by paul tierney
While generally good there are limits. Breakfast get together in Amish country, hotcakes, eggs, meat, meat, meat was remarkably well controlled. A stop for banana splits was well within the systems range of capability as well. An afternoon barbecue was well controlled also, probably because of the higher ratio of carbon intense foods, i.e well done ribs. The late evening cheese fries, all that beer, and the soft pretzels with hot mustard seemed out of synchronicity with the system however. Keeping the tip well covered overnight and pointed away from ANY source of food restored it's efficacy. Worth getting now even if an improved model comes out next year.
Additional note. My Calory Vac came in the black finish. It would heat up substantially on occasion. Wearing the elk roper gloves was sufficient to control the heat may not always be appropriate. Something to consider. (Posted on 9/24/07)

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