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Firesteel Scout

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Channel your inner caveman. Use small spark, make big fire, ugh. Scrape a knife or the included striker down the length of the FireSteel rod to release a massive a shower of 5400°F sparks. No worries about damp matches or a lighter running out of fluid. If you can’t start a fire with this tool…well, then you probably shouldn’t be playing with fire anyway. Timeless back-to-basics fire starting tool works even when the conditions are wet and cold to ignite a stove, paper, dry grass or any dry tinder. Twenty years from now it will still work perfectly, too.


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“The sparks from a well-struck flint and steel can be seen for much more than a mile.”

- ‘The Art of Rough Travel’, 1872, by English explorer Sir Francis Galton, republished edited by Kitty Harmon, 2006

(And these luddite fire starting kits are also legal to carry thru TSA checkpoints. It’s no small satisfaction to know that one can always make a big fire in a few moments, regardless of where one is. TSA signage says ‘no matches, no Bic lighters, no ____ of any kind’ with a cute row of about ten ‘prohibited:’ icons. But flint & steel sets aren’t shown. And now you know what’s in my carry-on…

Mr. Subjective 2013)