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PC680MJ Odyssey Drycell Motorcycle Battery

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PC680MJ Odyssey Drycell Motorcycle Battery #3560

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Advanced battery technology that works much better (and longer) than even the best conventional lead acid batteries. These batteries are more powerful and dependable. Cranking amp ratings are double to triple regular types. They have an 8 year design life, an ultra long shelf storage life and a low self-discharge rate—after sitting for months (without any trickle charge) it’ll start. Deep cycle reserve power provides sufficient amps for confident starts even when 70% discharged.

Odyssey batteries have superior vibration resistance, a tough ABS case, and are lighter, too. Air shippable and non-spillable “starved-electrolyte” design. Works right out of the box with no charging needed. The California Highway Patrol use these batteries because with the engine off they must run their flashing lights and radios. 12V 14Ah. Cranking power range (depending on model): 100-380A. Weight: 6-26 lbs. Size range: 5.43"–7.27"×3.11"–7.05"×3.98"×6.67".

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