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Cellphone Sabre™

Cellphone Sabre™ #YBO

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HEY! WATCH IT! We all know the hazards of navigating a two-wheeler through hordes of urbanites jacked to the gills on 'latte and gabbing to who-knows-who about who-knows-what as they try to grind you beneath the wheels of whatever two-ton mutha they happen to be in nominal control of. A solution falls to hand with Cellphone Sabre TM, a handlebar-mounted signal blanker utilizing recently declassified ex-military sweep-coil jamming technology. It instantly and fully disables all wireless telephones nearby (while causing no permanent harm) and is guaranteed to cleave a path of silence before you at the touch of a button. Loosen up that morning commute and show up at work without embarrassing near-death-experience facial tics. Effective range is approximately a 1/8 mile radius. Can you hear me now? NO!!!!

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Manufacturer Walnut

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