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Aerostich TLTec Soft Shell Fleece Jacket

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More than common and generic ‘outdoor’ fleece jackets, these are both tailored and engineered for riding. Each Aerostich fleece jacket is made right alongside the Roadcrafters and Dariens, and is designed to work perfectly within all of your riding gear. It’s a warm, draft-blocking, comfortable, lightweight layer of insulation perfect for three and four season rides. They wear wonderfully off-the-bike, too.

The details make a difference you can feel. We start with genuine Polarfleece (The original…there are many inferior copies) and YKK zippers. Each collar is tapered for more comfort with a helmet strap and the sleeve diameter is trimmed down for less bulk under riding gear. Sleeves are more forward rotated, too. And the long underarm ventilation zippers match Roadcrafter suits. Durable Lycra/nylon bindings at the hem and sleeves are comfortable and stop drafts without absorbing water.

The torso is also a bit shorter in front and longer in back for a better fit, and the sleeves are usefully a bit longer than you’ll find in typical fleece jackets. Zippered inside and outside chest pockets secure valuables like wallets, and zippered side pockets are placed slightly forward for easier access. A quick-draw inner chest pocket is ideal for sunglasses or a bandanna.

A high-warmth, low-bulk jacket that will become your favorite the first time you put it on. Machine wash. S–XXL. Made in USA

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TLTech soft shell fleeceReview by Ken Car*****
I own this TLTech shell and while I was apprehensive about the cost I was interested in a shell that would fit nicely with my Roadcrafter design in mind, who else would know better? We'll make no mistake this jacket is worth the price of admission. Fitment for me was as snug as I could possibly get off the rack in order to prevent bunching and the elastic sleeves fit well and lay flat, sleeves seem to be rotated or the fabric stretches appropriately in the right places. Windproof... check, fit... Double check, waterproof it seems to be as well! Comfort is outstanding and it has been a go to jacket for work and play lately with this cold and wet spring in 2016. Had I any idea of the quality, fit and comfort I would have ordered one years ago. When this one starts to show wear I won't hesitate to order another. Made in the USA and with outstanding quality. 4.5/5 stars. Thank you Aerostich, sooner or later I'll have your entire damn catalog in my house and garage. (Posted on 5/22/16)
TLTec Soft Shell Fleece JacketReview by Old
I’ve found the Aerostich TLTec Soft Shell Fleece Jacket #1658 to be a nicely tailored nonrestrictive jacket with purposeful attention to detail. The low bulk sleeves slide effortlessly into about any shell and the well integrated pockets are useful. It’s more wind resistant than normal fleece and comfortably adds 10-15°F of range to a Roadcrafter (exposed to upper chest wind blast). Also, it packs well and doesn’t easily wrinkle. At medium build 6’1”, size Large fits well in girth, but the body length is a bit short. Normal activity easily reveals my belt. The front measures 22” and the back 26.75” from the collar seam. Sleeve length measures 37.5” to the shoulder seam and across the back to mid-shoulder (to mimic mid-wrist to the tip of the shoulder blade to mid-shoulder). For casual wear, unzipped collar ears won’t stay folded away from the chin. (Posted on 11/9/14)
I Don’t Wear Your Victoria Secrets Panties Review by Longhaulpaul
Aerostich gear is a tool for serious motorcyclist. Whenever someone comments on my snowsuit in the heat of summer, I chuckle. "It's the best gear out there, you idiot". I should know, I've put about 500,000 miles in Aerostich outerwear. In my house, anything with the Aerostich label belongs to me. Two years ago at a yard sale I bought a well worn micro-fleece I wore under my stitch. It worked in every season, and I did not have issues with getting overheated when the temperature warmed up. The only problem was it was beat up and embroidered with 'Snowboard Instructor' on the back and sleeves. I have never snowboarded in my life, so, needless to say, there were places I felt awkward wearing the fleece, and knew I would need to find a replacement for it.
I bought three different fleece jackets I thought would work the same, including one from Northface, but none of them came close to replacing the ski-imposter one. It wasn't until I acquired one of the Soft Shell Fleece Jackets made by Aerostich was I finally able to toss away the tattered used one. I knew in just moments it was the one I could wear under the Stitch in any weather. It is amazing to me how one garment can be worn in extreme cold and warm temperatures without causing overheating. The silky outer finish makes it slide easy over my Roadcrafter, and it has a low collar so as not to interfere with turning my helmeted head. I was so happy in fact, it became the first Aerostich garment I have owned that migrated to an inner closet of my home. I actually wore it in a car! Here is where the problem started. My wife wore my fleece by accident one day and could not stop talking about how great it was, and how much she liked it. "If you ever get the chance to get one of these in my size", she taunted. I explained this was riding gear and made for a motorcycle. She didn't hear me, and she didn’t care. The next time I went looking for my fleece, I could not find it, and later learned she had worn it to work.
I tried to find something in her closet that would fit me, but could not. With heavy heart, I finally ordered my wife her own Aerostich fleece jacket. It will be a surprise gift for our wedding anniversary, and I plan to embroider JACKET THIEF across the back.
(Posted on 7/18/14)
Warm againReview by Howard
Bought this to compliment my RoadCrafter jacket as around where I am, a good riding day may only be slightly above 40F. This has stopped all that cold air from seeping in and ruining my day. Nice fit and enough elastic to still move around. Short of buying electric gear, this will really add a layer of warmth.

Only thing I found is with the fleece, the static level has gone up. Taking my helmet off and what hair I do have is full of static. A few drops of water to brush into the hair to releve that feeling and all is good.

Nice snug fit, slips under my Roadcrafter with ease without adding bulk.
High collar is nice, plenty of pockets and use as a regular jacket when not riding. Dual purpose.
4hr ride today in 46F and toasty warm.

Thumbs up from me.
(Posted on 5/5/14)
Happy Irish Biker!Review by Keith
Have been shopping around for something to slip under my leathers over the winter months. Normally I just stick to the Gore-Tex textiles, but its nice to have options. Had tried a few jackets from outdoor stores over the years (decades even!) but the fit under the jacket was never right and ended up being more fuss than they were worth.

So to Aerostitch! First, trust the size guide, the jacket fitted me perfectly. Thanks to the material the leathers slip on over, no snagging or bunching up. The high collar is a nice touch, as are all the well placed pockets. Performance, well the coolest ride home I have made so far was 35F out, but given windchill that would have felt like 16F. I was just wearing a leather jacket, the TLTec Fleece and underarmour layer. Kept me warm for the hours ride on a bike with not much wind protection (Honda NC700X).

All in all, I highly recommend. It really is designed from the outset for motorcyclists and it shows in all the small details. Most importantly, it does what it says. (Posted on 1/11/14)
Great all round jacketReview by Sam
These jackets are a great idea. I've got two of the Darien liner jackets and wear them everywhere as a cold weather jacket. One is from 2003 and it's still like new. Zippers still perfect and the overall quality is number one. This new fleece jacket has already served me very well as a regular jacket and liner for riding in cooler mornings for commuting. Once again, the quality is second to none.
But, I'm still hoping you see your way to making a shorter version of your Roadcrafter or Darien riding jackets. I don't like the 3/4 length. This soft shell fleece jacket would be a perfect liner for such a shorter Roadcrafter or Darien. (Posted on 1/1/14)
Great jacket. I wish it fit me - need XLT.Review by LordSmoke
I really wish this jacket were available in Tall sizes. I am 6'4", 37" sleeve. I called and the person measured the XL for me, so I ordered. A bit of a mix up, I rec'd an L, but quickly got an XL. Fits great through the chest, and okay if I stand still, but sleeves and body just too short. It will work for me as a jacket liner, but I had wanted it for an off-bike jacket. I will have to look elsewhere. :( (Posted on 11/11/13)
Outstanding valueReview by Jeff
I have had the red windblocker version of this jacket for several years and find myself wearing it everywhere, on and off the bike. It's just a great all around jacket that cuts the wind and looks sharp. I usually start looking for the latest and greatest winter riding clothing at this time of year and saw the new soft shell fleece version that claimed to be warmer in so many words. The picture of the jacket in the catalog looks grey to me but is actually black which I was pleasantly surprised by as I would have chosen black if it had been an option. The fuzzy lining is thicker on this model and is indeed warmer. It is not listed as windblocker but sure seems to be. In two words, this is an 'outstanding value'. (Posted on 11/4/13)
Best I've found but could use slight improvementReview by 'Rett Butler
I've put several thousand miles on this jacket in temps from 30-80 under a BMW Comfortshell jacket. It fits perfectly - slides and wears easily under my outer shell - and looks good enough I sometimes wear it in the office most of the work day. My only complaint is the underarm zippers. I have a VERY similar jacket made by Marmot - made from the same windproof stretch material and with the same "pit zips" but they covered the zippers with a fleece flap. This is the one improvement I would like to see on this jacket as the zippers are cold on my under arms (in a t-shirt/polo) and the zipper stops (metal prongs) scratch my skin and can be annoying. A simple 1" wide flap would make all the difference.

I'm considering sending back this jacket along with my Marmot jacket to see if we can come up with a mod. (Posted on 4/15/13)
TLTec Soft Shell Fleece Jacket reviewReview by Jim
Just received my TL Tec jacket; as I expected it fits perfectly. Not bulky at all and clearly very well made. Will make an excellent mid-layer, perfect for those cool/cold rides. (Posted on 1/10/13)
This jacket is exactly what I was looking forReview by Walter
Very happy with this jacket as street attire. Nice fit, good looks, and very effective wind blocker - comfortable in the low 30's on a windy day with just an Under Armor layer beneath. Have yet to wear it on the road (my Darien is in for repair), but will update my review once I have. (Posted on 1/8/13)
Have yet to find something betterReview by Nick M
I have spent a long time searching for the perfect thermal soft shell, and the TLTec is the closest I have found. Even with access to jackets from most of the outdoor companies at cost, I buy these.

Almost universally, you have to sacrifice warmth to get a wind and water shedding soft shell, but the TLTec nails them both beautifully. They hold up very well to daily abuse as well, lasting me about 3-4 years before they start looking a bit ratty and the outer layer starts to come unfused from the fleece. The next one will likely last longer using the fancy soft shell washing products.

My only complaint is that the fit is rather bulky. The arm holes are large, and I can't wear it with most of my riding jackets because the amount of loose fabric that bunches up around my biceps is uncomfortable. It is quite roomy around the midsection as well, and the loose fit sacrifices some thermal efficiency. (Posted on 9/9/12)
The perfect layerReview by Dena
Naturally this is sized for a man, so the shoulders are a little too broad and the arm length is a little too long. But it's a perfect layer between my outer jacket and the electric jacket. I wore it on a 40 degree day and was very comfortable. Overall, I'm quite happy with it. (Posted on 2/16/12)
TL Softshell keeps the wind outReview by Hollywood
This product keeps the wind out, is warm, and durable. In addition, it looks good enough to wear on its own or underneath your Aerostitch suit. (Posted on 1/6/12)
Good jacketReview by Merle
I have had this jacket for about 6 weeks now and have worn it several times, both as a top jacket and underneath heavier jackets. I am very, very pleased with the quality, the fit and the comfort. A good investment. (Posted on 12/23/11)
great performanceReview by John
Bought this jacket to wear as a liner under my Roadcrafter. It fits closely but comfortably and the wind performance is unmatched by anything else I've ever had. Works perfectly under my suit, and the wife likes the way it looks on me and wants one. If anything ever happens to this one I'll be buying a replacement. (Posted on 11/25/11)
I wish I had got this instead...Review by Dave P
I bought a Darien jacket this summer and paired it with the TLTec Wind Blocker Fleece Liner sized to the jacket. The liner is a fine garment but somewhat lacking in exterior pockets. I saw the Soft Shell jacket in a recent sale and decided to take a flyer on it.

It has been excellent both as a liner for the Darien and a great jacket for general wear in the autumn weather here in southern Ontario. I concur with all of the comments regarding its warmth and versatility, i.e. LOTS of exterior pockets. Truth be told I wish I had bought it instead of the Wind Blocker. (Posted on 11/23/11)
Soft Shell Fleec JacketReview by JIM in KC
Gotta say, I just LOVE my new soft shell fleece jacket. I've wanted one since they came out a few years back. Wish I hadn't waited so long, but my original 300 wt Aero fleece jacket is still going strong after nearly daily use in winter months.
The cut of the soft shell version has evolved; shorter collar, zip pockets, some mesh lining. Slightly fuller cut which allows more clothes beneath, but a very "crisp" look. The styling is quite sophisticated. I liked the stretch knit cuffs and bottom on the original, but the bound elastic on the new one is tidy. Less bulky; packs a little smaller.
The smooth, soft shell finish better slides into my Roadcrafter suit, but it's still a tight fit.
(I had my suit cut close for sportbike use; my old fleece jacket won't fit under at all.)
Note: this is not a wind block fabric, but less permeable than regular fleece.
I'm a medium, size 38-40, 140 lb weakling.
Verdict: sure, you can buy a generic fleece jacket for a lot less, but this one is designed for motorcycling, looks heaps cooler, and fwiw, made in the good ole USA. Keep those N. Central US types employed. Buy this jacket. (Posted on 11/21/11)
UnrealReview by Yo Graham
This jacket is unreal. I bought it on sale as I needed a light jacket but never planned on using it as a riding layer. I have heated gear for that this time of year. I start wearing heated gear at around 40 degrees but this year I tried to just use the TLTec jacket and so far i have not hooked up my heated jacket liner. Ive ridden with this jacket and roadcrafter down to 35 degrees and have been nice and warm. Im really impressed. (Posted on 11/14/11)
Great product !!!Review by Maurice J Audet
NIce jacket, good wind blocker.
Hope you make the pants soon !!! (Posted on 9/13/11)

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