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Aerostich Elkskin Roper Gloves

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Your favorite gloves. You just can’t ride anywhere without them. When they finally wear out, it feels like you’ve lost a friend. Made of natural tan medium to heavy weight elkskin, they are thicker, stronger and more abrasion resistant than deerhide and they’ll last much longer.

Built for cowboy and ag work, they’re tough enough for barbed wire fencing, yet sensitive enough to accurately handle a lariat. The snap cuff will slightly gauntlet over most jackets or close to let wind in your sleeves on a hot day. The left thumb is equipped with a visor squeegee made of resilient squeegee material.

All California Highway Patrol Motorcycle Officers (and many other depts.) wear Elkskin gloves 8-10 hours a day, week in and week out. You too will experience how right they are the minute you put them on and grab the clutch lever. These are the best gloves for serious combat touring adventures you’ll ever wear. Full and half sizes 7-13 (size 11.5 not available) Black may bleed slightly when wet. Made in USA

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Nice GloveReview by Glenn
Buttery soft heavy duty glove. Unfortunately I had to return for half size smaller as I prefer a snugger fit for riding. Measure carefully as the sizes are dead on.

Still waiting on my exchange return or shipping confirmation email. (Posted on 12/9/15)
Last and lastReview by Ernie
I got my ropers 21 years ago and after tailoring- my hands are long,not wide- they were a perfect two season glove and traveled over 100,000 miles with me. Early this year one thumb wore through,so they are now my fingerless summer gloves. Next, gauntlets. (Posted on 12/5/15)
Elkskin Roper vs Competition RoperReview by Pete
Finally I ordered the classic trooper m.c glove the Aerostich Elkskin Roper. I like them a lot!
Break-in is quick, molding to my hands, new colour is fading quickly allowing for the worn in look, sizing is accurate. Elkskin continues to amaze warm even when wet, use regularly to sweep off wet seat (don't need no stinkin' towel ~when I've got Elskin). Very similar to the Elkskin Competition (just shorter cuff) like them BOTH. A fine USA made product. Look like work gloves 'cause they do WORK!!!!
Pete (Posted on 9/23/14)
Best glove everReview by John C
I just recently bought my second pair of these. Got ten years of service out of the first pair. Would have gotten more but got careless and left out in the yard under some dirt for about a month a couple years back. They weren't quite the same after that ;). They were covered with mold and mildew but still were usable for another year or so after that unbelievable. (Posted on 7/30/14)
Excellent gloves.Review by Patrick
These gloves are so much better than the hardware store work gloves I have been wearing and the thicker leather gives me confidence that they will hold up better in a slide. The gloves felt broken-in after only a few rides. I would recommend these to a friend. (Posted on 7/19/14)
ExcellentReview by RawFlyer
Love the gloves so far… just got my elkskin ropers a couple of weeks ago and am very happy with them. I'll report back in a year or two and let you know how well they've held up.

thanks again Aerostich!! (Posted on 5/29/14)
Elkskin Ropers #42-440Review by David
First impression of gloves upon receipt; high quality skins, stitching, no nonsense all business work gloves. Nothings suggests "motorcycle", that's what I expected. Fit is excellent, measured and ordered according to fit chart. First ride, a little stiff, not unexpected for new gloves, generally comfortable, windproof, gauntlet a little tight, but functional with my mesh jacket. Leather wants to "bunch" in palm of glove, may improve as gloves "break in". Too early to tell long term functionality and likeability. At this point, just OK. Will post "long term" review at some point. (Posted on 5/14/14)
Initial impression - mixedReview by pJarhead
Nothing about these gloves, except perhaps the snap in the cuff and the thumb-wiper blade, give the impression of 'motorcycle gear.' No lining, no gel pads in the palm, just bare leather, with no pre-curve to the fingers. Looking at them, you could easily confuse with leather work gloves from the local hardware store. Now, not any hardware store, mind you - and definitely not a big-box store, the leather IS high-quality, good thickness with no imperfections, and solid stitching - so the old-style mom-and-pop hardware store that cared about quality over quantity.

Also note, sizes are perhaps a bit larger than expected. Most motorcycle gloves I've bought have had to be in the XL or XXL to get the fingers big enough. Not so with these - again reminding me of regular work gloves there’s lots of room. So much so that I'll use mine with thin ski-glove liners as a mid-temp glove, and weight-lifting gloves for palm comfort in hotter weather - there's that much room.

Will have to see how they hold up after a couple seasons and check back, and order a size smaller if these ever wear out. (Posted on 4/17/14)
A great gloveReview by Mike
I bought both these Elkskin Roper Gloves and the Deerskin gloves. Elkskin for Florida winters, and Deerskin for the rest of the year. Both of these are prime examples of the excellent workmanship in all Aerostich products. The gloves are soft and fit extremelly well. I have recommended them to many of my riding friends. (Posted on 3/31/14)
Third Pair of Elkskin Roper GlovesReview by Theodore
Although this is my third pair of your Elkskin Roper Goves, it's my first pair of your black dyed ones. I have over eight pairs of motorcycle gloves that I don't use anymore because these Elkskin Ropers are my favorites. They're well made and well thought out for motorcycle riders. I like the way the snap is positioned and the rubber squeegee. I didn't exactly wear out my first pair of Elkskin Ropers, but after three or four years of daily use, they were looking pretty "country" so I decided I'd like to have a new pair of my favorite gloves in the natural finish. Well, I started wearing black boots and helmet, so I figured I might as well get black gloves too. There was never any doubt that the choice would be the Aerostitch Black Elkskin Ropers. Now depending on which boots I wear, I have gloves to match. (Posted on 1/8/14)
Best glove everReview by Raymond
I have had these gloves for two months now, and they just fit better each time I put them on. I have wasted money on a ton of other technical type gloves for adventure touring (for much more money)...nothing beats these gloves..period! Just today, I purchased the gauntlet version for winter riding. Do yourself a favor and take a chance and buy these gloves. (Posted on 11/22/13)
These gloves saved my hands!Review by Dave
I bought these gloves at the Aerostitch facility while passing through Duluth a couple years ago and have worn them on every ride ever since. The rubber wiper thingie on the thumb really works well to clear raindrops from glasses and/or face shield. But here's the most important thing: A couple weeks ago I was in bad wreck when a car pulled across the highway right in front of me -- I hit her doing 70 mph, was thrown from my Harley Ultra and slid along the pavement for a long way -- maybe 50 yards? My legs are in rough shape with severe road rash, but my upper body was protected by my leather (which had a couple holes worn through it from the asphalt) and my elkskin gloves which, though severely abraided, didn't even suffer a hole in them! Amazing gloves... comfortable and soft, and -- as I can now attest -- very, very sturdy. If I hadn't been wearing these glove my hands would have been severely trashed. As it happened, the gloves got the road rash but my hands didn't receive even a scratch! In fact, the gloves are still as comfortable as ever (though maybe a little thinner than now than "stock"). Wish I could post pics here for you to see them. The insurance company even said they'd buy me a new pair as part of the settlement. You can bet I will buy another pair when I replace my motorcycle. (Posted on 10/31/13)
Black Elkskin RopersReview by Todd
The longer I wear these gloves the more I like them. They get better as they mold to your hand. Soft but feel sturdy. Note: May run just a bit large if going by the size chart on web site. I would suggest ordering the smaller size if debating on what size to get. I had to exchange for smaller pair but customer service was awesome so it was painless except having to wait a few more days to get my new gloves. Great gloves, you will not be disappointed. (Posted on 10/25/13)
elk skin glovesReview by joseph
Excellent gloves comfortable in hot weather. I have silk gloves to wear under them when weather gets cold.These may look like work gloves but believe me they are not. I have plenty of leather work gloves. (Posted on 10/3/13)
Elkskin RopersReview by Michael
Excellent gloves. I have spent more on other gloves that are not nearly as good as the Aerostich Ropers. These get softer and more comfortable each time I ride. (Posted on 9/12/13)
The Real DealReview by Andrew
I'm a longtime fan of all Aerostich products, but had looked at these gloves for years without buying them. Why should I pay $50 for leather work gloves when I can get a 3-pack of identical leather work gloves at Costco for $15? Well, folks, they are not identical, and I wish I'd bought these gloves sooner. Every motorcycle glove I've ever owned has had to be broken in. They never fit quite right, are always very stiff, and usually don't get comfortable until I've worn them for a few weeks. In contrast, these gloves felt better than my current well-worn and loved gloves the moment I tried them on. They fit perfectly and were SO comfortable. The fact that they have a built-in squeegee for the visor is just an added bonus. My biggest problem with these gloves is that I dismissed the catalog description as marketing hype for all those years and didn't buy them sooner! (Posted on 8/23/13)
The Hype Is RightReview by Steve
When I saw that the product description started with, "Your favorite gloves" I wrote it off as just more advertising hype. After owning them for a year, I realize I was wrong. I own at least 15 pairs of gloves and they ARE my favorite. Easy on, simple, no frills, rugged. Any time the temperature is between 60 and 90, these are what I reach for. (Posted on 7/5/13)
LOVE THEMReview by Scott
I love these gloves. Heavy leather but surprisingly confortable and supple. Only had them for about a month but I'm already thinking about getting another set just to have around. (Posted on 5/23/13)
Elksskin Roper glovesReview by Charles
I purchased my Roper gloves back in 2005 we road over than 80,000 happy miles with no complaints until I was moving last week and some how they were sent to a cloths donation by mistake. Man riding without then just does not feel right. I have other gloves that I got as presents or purchased none of them come close to the Roper. Don't let this happen to you.
Good news my new Roper gloves will be here on Tuesday ready for Americade 2013 (Posted on 5/19/13)
Elkskin Roper glovesReview by Michael
My second pair. Surprising durability in spite of comfortably soft leather. Firewood tough on fingertips but the first pair still lasted at least five years. Good value. Hand measurement makes for an accurate fit. Nice to see such a fine product made in U..S.A. (Posted on 4/6/13)

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Washable Leather?

“All of the elkskin glove models are cut and sewn on the exact same patterns so they fit similarly from model to model, but there are slight variations from glove to glove because each glove is hand made and each section of elkhide is a little different. A great way to quickly custom-fit a new pair is to fully wet-saturate on a warm day when you know you'll be riding continuously for several hours, then let them dry and conform to the shape of your hands during that ride.

Elkskin and deerskin can be safely washed using warm water and mild soap. This removes accumulated dirt, oils and stains and will help gloves last longer and feel nicer. After rinsing to remove residual soap, gloves should be gently wrung damp and allowed to dry gradually at room temperature. Do not apply direct heat when drying. They shrink slightly but will stretch to fit during wear.”

–Mr. Subjective.

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