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#285 Aerostich Windstopper® Electric Vest

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  • #285 Aerostich Windstopper® Electric Vest
  • #290 Optional Zip Off Sleeves
  • Lighted Switch Coil Cord (Off)
  • Lighted Switch Coil Cord (On)
  • Lighted Switch Coil Cord
  • Thermal Image taken with FLUKE IR camera
  • Thermal Image taken with FLUKE IR camera
  • Thermal Image taken with FLUKE IR camera

Aerostich WINDSTOPPER Electric Vest #285-286-287

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This is a noticeably thinner and better-tiny-space-packable version of the original (but-slightly-bulkier) fleece layered electric vest. Like that classic, this version remains the most proven, reliable, comfortably warm, everyday hard-wearing electrically heated vest available. It offers a unique blend of common sense engineering, ultra-compactible design and careful craftsmanship.
Key technical and design features that make any Aerostich vest your best choice are all included: A slightly shorter, thinner heated collar that fits your neck better and slides under a jacket collar with less bunching. Also, a slightly longer trunk length giving a greater total heated area.
You’ll appreciate it’s warmth, ultra-compactness and draft-stopping efficiency the minute you slip it on. It’s also the least restrictive to wear beneath any closely fitted jacket or riding suit. Only two pockets: one for storing the power cord and one that the entire vest pulls into, forming a neat, compact package. Includes: fused, lighted coil cord hookup and power switch. 45 watts / 3.3 amps (works with all BMW standard power outlets). Specify QuiConnect 2, SAE or BMW connectors.

WINDSTOPPER® fabric is 100% windproof and half as thick as TLTec Wind Blocker fleece. Black. 38–54 regular.

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Aerostich Kanetsu AIRVANTAGE Electric Vest


Simplifying Comfort (...a Better Power-cord)

We have been making this pretty neat coil cord power control for twenty years. I remember designing it to be an illuminated hi-low inline switch of such small dimension that it would not be a 'lump' in the middle of a compact coily power cord. We went round-and-round trying to find a switch which would allow a better functioning and packaging design. Something tactually, visually, and ergonomically lighter and cleaner.

And there still isn't anything as good in terms of simplicity and overall handy-ness. I wanted this cord switch to be so easy to use one could forgo a thermostat. They always seemed useless over-complexity...even the newer nice digital ones everyone uses now (just yesterday all were stupid power-hungry inefficient resistance rheostats). I'd used one several times but wanted something thoughtlessly simple, super-compact and field-reparable if ever needed. (This last consideration turned out irrelevant.)

It's just too easy to be riding along and without looking down move my left hand downward from the grip momentarily to find the cord lying across my left thigh and then by touch alone (finger or thumb) push or release the illuminated in-out button…then move my hand back to the left grip.

It's only one second, done without thinking, and there's no fumbling around. I can feel at a touch if the button is in high or low position to maintain temperature at a nice level all day long, with neither thought or effort. Just click-on and click-off as needed for comfort, and if there's ever question about power status a quick glance down shows the red pilot light glowing on or off through the button's cap. Even in daylight.

So today if I were for some reason forced to use some non-Aerostich electric garment, I'd still want this simple, intuitive and reliable coil cord and switch.

- Mr. Subjective 12-13

Motorcycle Consumer News Review

"As expected from an Aerostich garment, the Kanetsu's overall build quality is superb. The Kanetsu lives up to Aerostich's reputation and was the best of all liners tested. Also...the Kanetsu did an admirable job of blocking windchill. Its Windstopper exterior allowed for a lower setting on the controllers to achieve the same equivalent feeling of toasty warmth as the other two liners on higher settings. Heat was evenly distributed, with no dramatic cold or hot spots detected." - April 2010 Motorcycle Consumer News Heated Riding Gear Comparison, by Moshe K. Levy.

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