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RX Riding Glasses

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Read maps, GPS screens and mobile devices without squinting or holding at arms length. These ergonomic nylon framed glasses feature sleek, high performance, impact resistant polycarbonate lenses, embedded with precisely placed ‘cheater’ lens inserts to help prevent accidents, headaches and strain on your, um, er…maturing eyesight. Provide 99.9% protection from harmful UV rays too. Lightweight design and a soft, self-adjusting rubber nose pad for all day, under the helmet comfort. Straight temple design with almost no over the ear bend for easy on/off. Available in +1.5, +2.0, +2.5 or +3.0 diopters with a choice of Clear or Yellow lenses. 5.6"×2.5".


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Customer Reviews (10)

RX Riding glassesReview by joe
I purchased the clear and brown lens glasses a month ago. They're excellent for us farsighted riders and give good protection when wearing my 1/2 helmet. A great buy!! (Posted on 6/12/14)
RX Riding GlassesReview by ochog1
I initially realized that it was getting hard to read my GPS so I thought I would give these a try. Started with one clear and one yellow lens pair. They exceeded my expectations. I have since ordered three more pairs of yellow lens glasses that I now wear at work. So not only are these fantastic riding glasses they are great all around glasses. BTW I have been wearing my first pair for over 6 months( that's daily wear folks) still not scratched up or beat and I drive heavy equipment out in the boonies. You will find cheaper glasses but none better in MHO. (Posted on 9/28/12)
RX Riding GlassesReview by Sunshine
I had to return - the frame was too big! If only they had fit, I think I would have loved them!!! (Posted on 6/21/12)
RX Riding GlassesReview by Adv Fool
So far the glasses have been great. Good wind protection and the ability to read maps & GPS was the reason for purchase.

My only suggestion would to have a dark lens vs brown. (Posted on 6/19/12)
HandyReview by Z-man
Use these when it's cloudy or early evening... even riding at night sometimes. Like being able to read my gauges. (Posted on 6/6/12)
Great Glasses!Review by Victor
Skeptical as always when ordering on-line, but the reviews were good. Now that I have a pair of the RX Riding Glasses, brown lens with the camouflage frame, I absolutely love them. I like the way that they fit me, no gaps on top for the sun to 'sneak-in' and the reading part of the lens is out of the field of vision until needed. Now, my 'go-to' sun glasses at all times! (Posted on 4/11/12)
slick stuffReview by K100RS
Hey these things really work. They fit well by my ears, no pressure points with my helmet on. Clear undistorted vision and when I look down I can see close up. No area where everything is out of focus. Also good for putzing in the garage. (Posted on 2/15/12)
Working outsideReview by you know what I mean, Vern
I work outside in all kinds of conditions for the phone co. Wearing sun glasses is second nature to me, but when ever I opened up a terminal, the dark tinted glasses were too dark to see tiny details and colors. So I would bring out the clear glasses. When going to work inside a customer house, same problem. I had to carry one of each type everywhere. The yellow tint solved my problem. Its great to be able to read the instruments on my Vstrom, especially on overcast days. But I received them in December, so bright summer day riding may not find them to be dark enough. I will probably put on a tinted shield and see how that works. (Posted on 1/13/12)
Oh My !Review by RB98
I didnt realize I was going this fast !!! Now I can see!! These work well and are very good quality. (Posted on 12/16/11)
Old man in the sun.Review by Lanch
Initially I thought that they would take some getting used to. However within half a day I was able to look at objects in the distance, and then read a map without changing eye wear, just like a human. There is the added bonus of the build quality, I have been considerably more cheeky in the presence of people with firearms, on the basis that my eyeballs will survive whatever they throw at me. (Posted on 11/6/11)