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More ideal for general touring, everyday urban riding and all day street and general purpose wear. Obviously shorter and lighter, but incorporating the identical heavy duty materials, design features, and construction quality of the original Combat Touring boot. Top grain leather and fully leather lined.

Compared to most general purpose and riding boots, the Lite has fewer individual leather pieces, less seams and is a stronger and longer lasting boot. The inner speed laces and instep buckle provide a better and more secure fit than any slip-on “engineer” type boot. The lower shaft fits riders with extra large calf muscles better, too. Black. 11" tall (2.42 lb. per boot) Medium Width. Wedge or cleated sole. US (EU) sizes: 7.5 (41), 8.5 (42), 9.5 (43), 10 (44), 11 (45), 11.5 (46), 12.5 (47), 13.5 (48), 14 (49), 15 (50).

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Additional Information

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Combat Touring Boot Owners Manual
How To Fit Combat Touring Boot CTB Repair Services

Mr. Subjective on Breaking in New Aerostich Gear

One of the unusual aspects of most Aerostich gear (in today's world of conveniently pre-digested, artificially-aged items) is there's usually a lengthy old fashioned 'break in' period. The time and distance needed varies from a few hundred miles to a few years, depending on how much one rides, and how sensitive the wearer is. It’s also a bit different for different items…boots, gloves, helmets, shirts or riding suits. For me, a new Aerostich suit or jacket feels acceptably comfortable after a few hundred miles and then reaches it's best after a couple of years of use and wear. By the third and forth season it's about perfect (ironically this happens just as similar gear may start feeling worn-out).

That may seem an unusually long time by today's standards, but with much of my most-favorite stuff, from boots to jeans to you-name-it, it's always been this way. We email a newsletter to riders interested in Aerostich products and sales, and a recent one titled "For the Long Ride" has several nice stories about this. You’ll find it here

Beyond general long-break-in periods and long-service stories, actually breaking in stiff new gear remains very much a pain in the ass: It is uncomfortable, and I always feel a bit more awkward wearing brand-new sparkly gear than well-worn examples. A bit of wear and patina can be almost as important as a product’s design, materials and functionality, partly because it silently tells a useful story which testifies to one’s long experience (without being overly proud of it, though).

It’s always the same. When I was a kid I usually hated the brand-new back-to-school school clothing my mother provided each fall, and being forced to give up old familiar things which were only a bit too small but clearly worn-out. Today I sometimes still feel this way, so even breaking in a brand-new (and much nicer) helmet can be awkward and uncomfortable. It’s odd to complain about this from an economic standpoint but in some ways good ‘new’ and unfamiliar stuff must always be endured for at least a little while before it becomes ‘old’, comfortable and familiar. This is always worth it though, because new things are improved in real ways which matter over the long run. New is good…and new-and-broken-in is even better.

It’s impossible to not prefer (for example) a comparatively newer and lower mileage rental car and many other newer and less-worn things, but for many other things this isn’t such a simple a decision. And even with today's popular pre-aged and faked-old items (like pre-washed jeans, pre-distressed whatevers) simultaneously offering both the worst-of-both-worlds (inauthentic and already partly worn out), and the best of both worlds (experienced-looking and requiring less uncomfortable breaking-in), the choice actually comes down mostly to your perspectives and not the functional qualities of the item. In the end what matters most is finding stuff which best meets your needs. Whatever they are.

Here is an authentic (albeit nonsensical) way to fairly quickly break in your stiff brand-new Aerostich Darien Jacket, pant or riding suit:

  1. Remove impact armor and all contents of pockets.
  2. Soak jacket in large bucket of muddy water for fifteen minutes to three hours.
  3. While jacket is soaking, dig, or hire someone to dig a hole in the ground large enough to bury the jacket fully.
  4. Wad up the still-wet jacket and bury it in the hole.
  5. Water the dirt covering the jacket liberally, as if the hole contained a plant seedling.
  6. Wait three days, then dig up the jacket and let it air dry.
  7. After drying out, grab the jacket by the shoulder area and whip it hard against the trunk of a large tree five or six times. (This step may also be done when the jacket is wet.)
  8. Replace impact armor and wear the broken-in jacket with pride.
  9. Alternatively, ignore steps 1-8 and just put on your stiff new Aerostich gear and go do some riding.


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good boot with linerReview by boatman
i ware a usa 8.5 and had heard that the boot runs on the large size. The size 8.5 is the european size 42 which has historicly been a bit large for my 8.5 foot. I got the 8.5 and it was to large but after installing a THIN foot pad the boot fits fine and seems to be breaking in easily. Ware them around the for a day or two b/4 putting into full use. I put four days on the boot in the dirt and prefoum well. A good product. You can replace the laces with 550 cord. (Posted on 6/23/12)
Well pleasedReview by Morthwyl
First the bad:
I find the sole of the boots a little "Sticky" on cleated footpegs.
Then the Good:
Well made, easy on and off, stiff enough to offer protection but cut low enough to not be too hot (California). I was between sizes, so rounded up and put an insert in place with no problem.
Flexible enough in the ankle to not interfere with breaking/gear changes.
I went with the wedge sole to get a little more leg room as i am a little cramped for space on one of my bikes.
Very happy and will be getting a pair for my wife.
(Posted on 6/22/12)
Great bootsReview by Genz
Just got my boots. CBT lite. They weren't as stiff as everyone says. I wore them all day. They fit great. I rode the GS about 200 miles and shifting and breaking was normal. Both sitting and standing shifting was no problem. I almost didn't order these because of all the posts about how hard the break in was. Just put them on and ride. It's really no big deal. (Posted on 6/17/12)
Crash reportReview by dogFM
New bike, freshly wet road - grabbed too much front brake and down I went! Low speed crash but my combat lites are just a little scratched on the toe whereas my riding suit (not my Aerostich) is totaled. I just wish I had been wearing my 'stich because I have cut my knee and it's badly bruised too. The combat lives live on :) (Posted on 6/14/12)
Fell short of expectations Review by KRB
I was hoping this new boot would be the replacement for my 10 year old worn out and tattered pair, regretfully not.

The draw string is awkward and gets snagged in the velcro closure. I was ending up rolling it in a loop and covering it with the velcro flap.

The buckle doesn't want to align easily, it ends up being a two hand job, and it pinches and folds the upper if I get it just a little tight.

The rubber tongue has no structure to it so tries to fold closed which is annoying when trying to slip your foot in the boot without two hands.

Compared to my suit, the boots seem like they weren't built by the same company. (Posted on 5/31/12)
typicalReview by camargodave
Typical of what I've come to expect of Aerostitch--very good quality at a reasonable price. The standard laces are my only small gripe. The velcro eats them up quickly. That's why I also ordered a set of competition laces. I sized the boots as suggested and got a perfect fit. Break-in is slow, as expected. I've used SnoSeal as the leather protector of choice. NO problems other than the expected stiffness. I made another good choice with Aerostitch. Two dual sport weekend rides and still my feet are dry. Thanks Andy (Posted on 5/1/12)
Love 'emReview by Beau
I have now had these boots for about 6 months. I wear them daily, and commute daily. Once they are broken in they are the great. I am in school full time and wear them to class. After classes I go to work as a Paramedic and reluctantly have to don my work boots. After 12 hours at slipping into these is so much nicer than my work boots. I will need a sizing insole soon due to stretch, but that is to be expected. (Posted on 4/25/12)
Elastic band problemReview by Richard
Bought my Combat lights one year ago. Quite stiff but obviously very well made. Worth a couple of blisters to break in. My major problem was the elastic band around the top. After two hours of this band squeezing my calves my leg above the boots swelled up like a watermelon. I tried compression socks No help. I did not want to give up on this product so I took them to my local cobbler and she cut the top elastic band off. She then trimmed off the little leather tab, stitched them up to look like new and I could not be happier. I expect to get about 20 years of very happy riding out of these boots now. Where this is a will There is a way (Posted on 3/10/12)
Combat Lite BootsReview by Don
I bought these boots in December 2011 and have waited until now to write a review that would not be based just upon first impressions, which were very positive. I switched from lace up logger boots to these after my new pair of loggers, without steel toes, began to bother me where the boot contacted the shifter. Out of the box the Combat Lites appear to be high quality boots made of heavy leather. If you are switching from a lace up boot these will take some getting used to as they can't be laced tightly around your calves and ankles. The sizing was a bit on the large side so to get a good fit I had to purchase a thicker inner sole which helped a lot but the boots still felt a little loose around my lower legs which took some getting used to. For me they were difficult to break in. I didn't soak them but ended up using them for morning walks, about 25 miles worth, before they felt pretty well. The walks did cause blisters but now after nearly three months they are comfortable but still breaking in. At first shifting was difficult but that is no longer an issue. The boots look and feel as though they will last a long time and when they need replacing I'll be back for another pair. (Posted on 2/26/12)
Combat Lite BootsReview by james
Got the boots in a couple weeks ago. Very nice as with other products purchased through Aerostich. Alot of talk about break in, not a big issue, boots (added inserts) are very comfortable although some may find them a little heavy. Treat them with a little quality leather treatment a few times, and wear them, they break in nicely. Hopefully these will last me a long time, as I pondered the price for 6 months. Only thing negative so far is, as many reported, the laces are constantly sticking to the velcro. Doesn't sound like a big issue, but is annoying, and they are already frayed. I will replace them soon with another type lace. Also the inner flap does not appear as though it will last that long, just guessing on that. All said, very pleased with these boots, will try and do a future review once more highway miles are logged. Jim (Posted on 2/7/12)

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The brief CBT History...

These were the first general purpose riding boot of this style in the world. Their origination story is simple: We wanted a basic old-fashioned heavy-duty rider's boot that provided support like an MX boot, was fast and easy to get in and out of,and held onto one's foot well -- but without all the added-on MX boot armor. More supportive than the classic 'engineer' style boot, and much heavier-duty than the typical zippered race, street or touring boot. A de-contented MX boot.

In hindsight it's hard to believe that twenty five years ago there wasn't anything else like this available. The CBT boot was the original. A new type of hybrid existing halfway between a street boot and an off road boot. It created an entirely new product category.

After about ten years we'd sold a good number of them and (also as 'adventure' style bikes became more popular) other boot companies started to make their versions of the CBT boot. Even Sidi came out with a version. All these subsequent versions from others were more complicated or 'improved' in some way: More buckles, pleated areas, waterproof liners, etc. The others wanted to be able to say they were better than the CBT boot.

This is like the way designer jeans manufacturers sometimes say they are better than original Wrangler's, Lee, and Levi's 501's maybe. Every market works like this. There's an original...and if it's successful there are others that are similar but supposedly 'improved' in some way.

Mr. Subjective 11-13

CBT Boot Break-In:

Breaking them in? I did it last week, to have a pair to leave with a motorcycle I co-own in Arizona. This was the fourth time in twenty years I've had to break in a pair. I ride in the third pair every day. The first pair are still in use by a friend, after 20 years. They were the prototypes. The second pair are also in use.  My feet got longer and this pair went to another friend. This time and the last time (#3 and #4) I soaked the boots in a sinkful of water, let them drip dry for a couple of hours, then went for a two mile walk in them. And got blisters. Then I left them for several days to air dry fully, with the tops propped open with a chopstick. The I oiled the folds and hinge lines, and let that soak in for a couple of days. Now I've worn them for about the last week on a motorcycle trip (I'm in the middle of it now...) and they are perfect. I added our fancy semi-orthotic insole and I'm set for life, probably. A pair in MN and this pair which will stay in Arizona...

Executive Summary: They need two things: 1. A two week break-in, starting with soaking overnight in water, draining for an hour, walking in them wet for a couple of miles, then slow drying for several days, propped open.  Then lightly lubricating the hinge folds (or the whole boot) with a soak-in leather dressing. 2. A higher quality insole. I use the more expensive of the two we sell.  The standard insole is not supportive enough for me.

Mr. Subjective 12/09

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