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Respro Foggy Breathguard

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A comfortably thin, stretchy neoprene face guard that helps eliminate visor and face shield fogging on cold days. Fits (via hook & loop) into all full face helmets. Comfortable in use. Eliminates the need to tip the shield open at every stop.


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nosepiece brokeReview by steve
be careful when putting on the helmet (arai signet-q first time after installation. my nosepiece broke and scraped my eye as i pulled it the helmet down over my head. called customer svc & they'll send me a return authorization; after the item is returned they'll send me a new one (two-week turnaround, i expect. sigh)
(Posted on 3/8/13)
OK... but not greatReview by Azzy
Been using this breath gaurd for a few weeks now in my Shoei Qwest.

Most noted quirks:

1. the stick on velcro covers the warranty sticker on a Shoei helmet.
2. The metal nose piece will scratch your forehead at some point.
3. If you plan on using it with a chin curtain, you will push breath up and into the place you are trying to keep it from. 2x worse, if you wear sunglasses or any glasses.
4. Mine tends to slide off my nose, requiring some adjustment in a 20 min period. Pretty annoying.

Overall, better than nothing. I miss the breath guard that HJC had with my old helmet, that was setup perfectly, with just a tiny stretch of foam around for a nice seal. Too bad Shoei hasn't caught on to that high tech of an item. (Posted on 11/13/12)
Do yourself a favor and buy one!Review by Devildoghd
I ride all winter in Oregon. It rains just about everyday and is cold. I was constantly having to leave my face shield open to circulate air or risk the its cold and I really don't need to see that clear option! This thing really works well. Even at long stop lights little to no fogging. Highly recommended. Ride Safe! (Posted on 11/2/12)
Works great!Review by Brett
I really like the way this product works, it's kept me fog free for many years now. The problem is, I burn through approximately one per season. The material tears away from the rivets on the nose piece. I don't know if this is due to faulty installation on my part, or just the nature of the beast. (Posted on 5/18/12)
Not for flip helmets :-(Review by Ranger_Shawn
It doesn't work on flip-up helmets, it must be a one piece helmet. I didn't think it through enough before I bought it. No harm done though because I sold it to a friend with a full face helmet. (Posted on 2/8/12)
Wrong helmet...Review by cjfdad
I don't have a full helmet and didn't know that it would not work on a helmet without the chin guard.... My bad. (Posted on 1/30/12)
Works!Review by Sean
If you're even thinking about it, just get one. It works just as it says, no more fogging or having to crack / lift the face shield on cold or wet days. It adds some warmth as well.

If you like to wear sunglasses, the nosepiece may interfere a little. But that is a very small price to pay for how well this mask works. (Posted on 1/9/12)
It Works!Review by Roy
Already have one and have now given one to a friend. The discomfort of putting it on is nothing compared to the terrible feeling of having ones faceshield fog-up in a serious rainstorm with no place to stop. This device really works! (Posted on 1/2/12)
When you follow directionsReview by Bruce D Chambers
this thing works wonders! My first one didn't always quite keep my glasses from fogging, especially at stops. I carefully read the installation instructions and... WOW! it fits perfectly on my face, and seals my breath completely away from both my shield AND my glasses! There is a tiny bit of fogging on my glasses when I first put my helmet on, but within about 30 feet, it's gone, and I have clear sight the whole ride. This is my second Foggy Respro; the first one lasted about 7 yrs before the neoprene stretched too much to seal well. I expect this one will do the same. No planned obsolescence here! (Posted on 10/14/11)
it really worksReview by Terry
When first starting out the left side of the visor fogs slightly but goes away after a minute. After that there is no more lifting the visor at every stop. This thing really works (Posted on 3/29/11)
I love itReview by DanO
I've waited a long time for something that stops my helmet from fogging over and I'm glad I found it at last. My only regret is that I didn't find it sooner. (Posted on 2/23/11)
gave it a second chance, it was worth itReview by Goose
At first it didn't work, fogged up even while riding. But after i got rid of the chin piece (which i later put back in place) it worked great. Now with the Helmet Sunblocker i don't have to worry about my sunglasses fogging up either. Great buy!
(Posted on 1/20/11)
Get One!Review by ordinaryguy
Don't even think about whether this thing works, just order one! After almost giving up riding to work this winter, due to constant fogging of my glasses AND my helmet visor, I decided to try one of these, and it works like magic! I even tried breathing hard, through my nose and my mouth, and not even a trace of fog!! Yehaw! (Posted on 1/13/11)
Facial structure can be an issueReview by dm_gsxr
I have a large thin nose. The mask doesn't quite seal to my face without having to contort my face. I only use it in the coldest weather. (Posted on 11/13/10) face is warm & I can see!Review by Toby
This thing is NICE! I will ride in damp and rainy weather but I hate having to crack my visor to keep it from fogging up. On rainy mornings when the temp is in the mid-30s, well, it sucks! The day I got this mask I put it in my helmet and rode the next morning -- what a difference! 100% fog-free, yahoo! The only nit I can say about it is that I lost a teeny, tiny bit of my lower visual range. Whereas I could see my full gauge cluster I now lose the bottom half of it. But you know what, I don't care because I'm riding fog-free and my face is warm. (Posted on 1/15/10)
Works as advertised. I us...Review by Bradley Tyson
Works as advertised. I used this plus a wind triangle to get me through winter commuting. (Posted on 5/22/09)
I'm a year-round commuter...Review by Valerie Gregory, Denver CO
I'm a year-round commuter (barring icy conditions) and have struggled for years with fogging issues. NO MORE! I tried this for the first time this morning in rain and high 40F temps - didn't even have to raise the visor at stops. Fabulous! (Posted on 3/21/09)
AWESOME!! No fogging at ...Review by Kim Tiaskkun
AWESOME!! No fogging at all!! I have tried a lot of different anti-fog items, and none of them worked as well as a Foggy. I would recommend this item to anyone that rides in the cold and/or rain. I love it...and I like the look. (Posted on 2/10/09)
The "Final Solution" for ...Review by Joseph Gruce III
The "Final Solution" for fogging glasses and visor for me. Like everyone else, I have been looking for a solution to keep my glasses and visor/shield clear while riding to and from work or for fun. I tried fog wipes, "extra" shield attachments, but nothing gave a complete solution. Yesterday, thursday, I rode to work here in Nashua, NH in showers / humid weather, with metal framed glasses, and with my Fog Cuty Shield on my Shoei RF-3100. Initially a little fogging, but after about 5 minutes, everything was very clear. Great item! I will be recommending it to others!! (Posted on 5/12/08)
Best item I've ever used ...Review by James Sherman
Best item I've ever used to control fogging! (Posted on 12/3/07)

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