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Adhesive 3M Solas Grade Reflective

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Adhesive 3M Solas Grade Reflective #346

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Don’t look in your corner hardware store for it. Instead, look closely at the surface of highway or industrial warning signs, and you’ll see the unique, hexagonal pattern of adhesive lines that identifies 3M SOLAS (Safety Of Life At Sea) Grade Reflective. This grid bonds a clear, protective layer over the reflective glass microbeads so the reflective power isn’t reduced in wet conditions. SOLAS Grade reflective is slightly stretchy, making it ideal for application to curved surfaces like helmets. One of the most intense retro-reflectives in the world. Trims easily to any shape. Silver color. 2' long by 2" wide.

Riding In Low Light Conditions

Being anywhere on the road in low light conditions is more difficult and dangerous. Many drivers become even more awful when twilight falls. These products should help myopic drivers see you a little earlier. Hopefully they will pick out your glowing, irregular, reflective shape well before you are bang- ing your fists and helmet across the hood of their thirsty horseless carriage. Riding more is better. It makes you happier especially when it is dark and the weather is just atrocious. - Mr. Subjective (January 2007)

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