Contrasting Color Thread

Contrasting Color Thread

Roadcrafter and Darien suits are available on special order with color contrasting stitching. For example, you could have a black Roadcrafter with silver stitching and gray ballistic abrasion areas. All thread, body and ballistic colors are available, including custom ballistics thread colors. Blue with Taupe stitching? Eeewww.

#345 $45.00**

**New Construction only.


One Piece Suits Two Piece Suits
Roadcrafter 3 (R-3) Roadcrafter Classic City
R-3 Light Roadcrafter Classic Tactical
Roadcrafter Classic Roadcrafter Classic Stealth
  Roadcrafter Classic
Darien Darien Light
Darien Jacket Darien Light Jacket
Darien Pants Darien Light Pants
AD1 AD1 Light
AD1 Pants AD1 Light Pants

NOTE: Please call at 800.222.1994 or 218.722.1927 to place an order for Contrasting Color Thread. Custom-altered suits are not returnable for refund or exchange.