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#4985 E-Fill Siphon

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  • #4985 E-Fill Siphon
  • #4985 E-Fill Siphon
  • #4985 E-Fill Siphon


E-Fill Siphon #4986

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A self-priming fuel transfer system. No matter where you are, this ultra compact system won’t leave you stranded for long. Throw away that length of gnarly old hose and safely siphon fuel from any gas-powered device without getting a mouthful of gas.

This is one siphon that doesn’t suck. Simply insert the self-priming end into any non-empty gas tank, and put the other end into the transferring container/carrying case (that works a heck of a lot better than a crinkled Mountain Dew can). A few up and down motions and you’ll be siphonin’ away. The handy stopper clip maintains siphoning even when in the “off” position, so there’s no need to begin the process all over again between container transfers to your tank. The included super soak towel quickly cleans up any excess spills and everything fits neatly back into the transfer container/carrying case. Carrying case is 10.1"×2.6"×1.25" and holds 1/8 gallon of gas. Siphon is 68" long. Entire system weighs less than 4 oz.Made in USA


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