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Boostaroo Post Amp

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Boostaroo Post Amp #3075

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Many personal players do not provide quite enough volume to blast over wind noise or past earplugs. The Boostaroo can help. Plug it into the audio jack of your radio/scanner/whatever, then connect your helmet or earplug speakers. Voila, the sound level is increased by about a third. Input device volume adjustments remain functional, but everything tops at a greater volume. Clearly and cleanly, too. About a 12dB gain in a typical ear speaker. Two AA batteries (not included) last about 20 hours. There are two jacks so a passenger can listen along. 40mw per channel.

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Additional Information

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Frequency Response:

The Boostaroo® employs similar output amplifiers to those found in CD players. Frequency response is equal to or exceeds specifications. Typical specifications are 20 to 20,000Hz +/- 2 dB (EIAJ CP-307 Method).

Output (@ 3VDC):

.3% harmonic distortion.

1. Into 8 ohm headphones - approximately 40 mW per channel, 12 dB gain in sound per channel. Or 100% boost in volume.

2. Into 16 ohm headphones (stereo mini jack), approximately 32.5 mW per channel, 12 dB gain in sound per channel.

3. Into 25 ohm headphones: approximately 28.5 mW per channel, 11.1 dB gain in sound per channel.

4. Into 32 ohm headphones: approximately 23.7 mW per channel, 10.9 dB gain in sound per channel.

5. Into 64 ohm headphones: approximately 13.8 mW per channel, 10 dB gain in sound per channel.

Power Requirements:

3.0 VDC: Two size AA batteries are required. Use of alkaline batteries is suggested for longer playing time. Also works with rechargeable batteries, nikle-metal hydride type preferred.

Product Dimensions:

Size: 4.5" x 1.5" x 1.1" 11.43cm x 3.81cm x 2.79cm)

Weight: 3 oz for unit, 6 oz (170.10G) with 2 AA batteries.

Cord: 12 "

Color: Clear (Translucent)

Package Includes:

1-Clear Boostaroo Portable Headphone Audio Amplifier and Splitter

1-12" Connection Cable (Built Into Boostaroo)

1-Boostaroo Owners Manual


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