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Elephant Whistles


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Developed for motorcycle game warden patrols in the Kalahari and Serengetti. Produces an ultra-low frequency farting sound that only large animals hear. Works well on moose, cows, giraffe, elephants, wildebeest, Winnebago’s, and elk.Based on latest research that elephants hear ultra-low frequencies for many miles. If you liked deer whistles, uh......

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Additional Information

Manufacturer Walnut


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Customer Reviews (2)

Deer Whistle? No Way!Review by John
I've been a rider for 45 years- the last 24 in Virginia. I noticed almost every vehicle here has a deer whistle on it, yet deer are everywhere. Seeing an unmet need, I quickly bought an Aerostich Elephant Whistle for my bike. In all my miles of driving every back road I could find, I've seen possums, raccoons, deer, and even a black bear in the road- yet not a single elephant! This whistle flat WORKS! YOU NEED ONE! IT COULD SAVE A LIFE! (Posted on 9/30/10)
Saved my butt in New Mexi...Review by Bradley Tyson
Saved my butt in New Mexico. (Posted on 12/19/07)

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