... on the Kermit Chair

The Kermit chair is cool. I have never taken one on a trip, but lots of riders pack them along as essential camping kit. I keep two of them around my apartment for unexpected visitors, barbecues, etc. The Kermit chair has always been a good seller. It’s an authentic made-in-America thing, ingenious and durable, and it came straight from the mind (and hands...) of a BMW-riding, rally-going motorcyclist, so it is unknown in mainstream culture. For these reasons it’s a pretty cool secret-handshake kind of portable seating technology. Something that is geekier than any camping motorcyclist would ever admit. Which is exactly what I like about it. They work better than any other folding chair, are beautifully made, will last a lifetime, and are not sold by LLBean , REI or EMS.

— Mr. Subjective