Mid-Layer Fleece Comparison

Aerostich TLTec Fleece garments use the latest, high performance fleece and mid-layering fabrics available. When you are riding, these layers add warmth without the weight and bulk of traditional insulations, and their advanced breathability and moisture wicking properties keep you dry and prevent overheating. Featuring built-in durable water repellent (DWR) finish, each provides comfortable, functional qualities that are great for casual/off bike use as well, and all are machine washable. (Ranked here in order of warmth).

TLTec 100: WIND BLOCKER (Blue or Cayenne):
A warm, soft, and comfortable all-purpose twosided fleece that features a thinner micro velour outer face with a moisture wicking mesh back side. It is slightly thinner than the others, but it blocks most of the wind, and offers 2X faster moisture wicking than other windproof fleeces. Its hidden stretchy membrane offers notable breathability for all day comfort. The thinnest, most packable of these three, it also wins a silver medal for warmth.
TLTec 200: WIND PRO (Grey):
A new, denser, “super fleece” that is extremely breathable yet provides 4x better insulation and draft resistance than traditional fleece, with increased durability. This medium thickness two-sided grey heather fleece features a soft, smooth midweight low velour face outside, and an even softer, fuzzier velour back side. It provides the thickest, bulkiest insulation and is the most breathable of the three.
TLTec 300: SOFT SHELL (Titanium):
This beefy fleece blocks 98% of the wind, and offers faster moisture wicking and improved breathability. Outside is a tight, smooth, mat-finished face and there’s a warm, cozy high loft fleece inside. The Soft Shell is excellent for off-bike wear because of its luxurious lofty inside, and wears amazing as a mid-layer because your riding gear slides so easily against the smooth outer surface as you move. It’s in the middle as far as packing small goes. Our warmest/most advanced fleece.