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Gas Saving Carpoon

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Gas Saving Carpoon #LLSN

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Save fuel and protect the environment. Type III Superconducting electro magnetic device attaches to unsuspecting car or truck to allow safe, efficient shadow riding. Ride up to a car. Launch tag. Turn on Electro Magnet. Draft car and shut off engine. Quick release safety lever allows for no hassle detach from connection. Recommended for long highway rides. Magnetic tag launcher installs easily on any bike, via suction cups or handlebar mounts. Detailed instructions show step-by-step procedure to ensure accurate aim and delivery of magno-adhesive tags. Superconducting base unit, exclusively produced by Sumitomo Electric Industries, mounts to the tank and operates on the principle of quantitized magnetic flux that provides solid magnetic connection between base and tag, without interfering with other on-board electronic devices. Maintains 20 foot buffer zone between bike and host vehicle. Experience the silence of engine-off riding and unbelievable gas mileage, too. Includes: launcher with six magno-adhesive tags, Superconducting Electro Magnet, Instructions. 12V. 72A.

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Manufacturer Walnut

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