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Ghost Rider

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This book proves that true experience does indeed soundly trump fiction at times. Shattered by the deaths of his daughter and wife, Neil Peart (drummer/lyricist of Rush) heads out on his trusty R1100GS for a fifty-five thousand mile, fourteen-month odyssey of healing and self-discovery that takes him across large portions of the continent. Driven by will and a deep reluctance to turn back, …to what?, he eventually finds reconciliation and peace, as well as a fresh start that we won’t spoil here. In short, quite a tale, told by a talented writer and flush with entertaining and moving scenes from his adventures. By Neil Peart. Softbound, 6"×9", 460 pp., no illus.


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Customer Reviews (2)

Helps me, too.Review by DavidACox
This book was my daily companion on my recent motorcycle trip, a trip I took to be with friends and scatter my wife's ashes. I couldn't have made a better choice. Thanks Neil Pearl. (Posted on 8/27/11)
Fifty-five thousand miles...Review by Al Bates
Fifty-five thousand miles in fourteen months. This is almost every motorcyclist dream. If this was all the book was about it would be a good read. However, this ride is a test to see if the author can find a reason to live.
"Do good things and good things will happen to you." This is how the author viewed the world around him until that night when he heard the news about his daughter that would forever change is life. This begins a downward tail spin for one of Rock N Roll's greatest drummers/ lyricist.
Unfortunately, bad things happen to good people. It's one of life's hard lessons for us all. The death or illness of a loved one or maybe a friend in trouble. None of us is ever prepared for the day even one of these events arrives on your own door-step. This is the story of one man trying to understand the why his plate is suddenly filled, until these is nothing left inside.
Neil Peart has the rare ability to open up and share his heart and mind as he ponders the "why" of it all. As his healing begins on the back of his BMW GS, we are riding along with him. One mile at a time, one day at a time. Sometimes stumbling and feeling why should you keep going, why not just give up. Then, true to life there's always another turn in the road.
We are able to see trough his eyes the view of the road, people, and country. These images of the people and places are at times thought provoking, and then the world becomes colorless, void of light and laughter. Other times it's a view full of depth and grandeur. Every turn becomes full of the simple mystery of life and a reminder that he and we, can and should go on. His book gives light to the words if you want to change your perception, then change your perspective.
A great read from someone who's life has turned him into someone that is less of a rock-star or even a man. Instead, he has become only the ghost rider. A true survivor on the road of life. (Posted on 5/25/08)